COMPUTER day. During the present period, everything is

COMPUTER SCIENCE INTRODUCTION The field of Computer Science is making progress at a very fast speed. New technologies are being invented by the Software Engineers.

Careers in computer sciences are vast and brilliant. Jus complete your education and grab a good position in any well-reputed company. So many important characteristics are required to succeed in this great and attractive field. These days, many courses are being offered. Every month new courses are coming in the global institutions. After getting a job, the working conditions in a company are excellent and fascinating.The salary package is highly attractive including other facilities. Since, I directly belong to this field; therefore, I can explain the changes that are taking place on every day.

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During the present period, everything is dynamic and electronic. Each and everything is inter-linked via the World Wide Web. It is a matter of happiness that more and more people are entering in the field of computer sciences.

EXPLANATION As regards the career-making in the field of computer science, there is really no such issue. Of course, it is a huge field.Therefore, vast opportunities are available for the job-seekers. A variety of jobs is available. There are many factors that play a key role in the achievement of a real and great success.

By the grace of God, the Almighty, I enjoy so many abilities to learn new technologies. I am also capable of adjusting with the new environment and modern techniques. I always do my work with great interest and devotion. Thus, the work is finished successfully and efficiently.

This creates a sense of mental satisfaction. Many characteristics are required that are very important to succeed in the fore-said field.I think professional knowledge is the most important thing. Without this, there is no concept of any great achievement and success. Therefore, one must have professional knowledge about one’s field. Similarly, convincing power, decision-making at the right time, setting of solid objectives, the ability to summarize all the relevant knowledge, report-writing etc.

must be present within the mind of a computer engineer. Basically, this work depends upon self-creation or self-perception. This ability will produce an original and great work. Furthermore, I have the ability to meet hard deadlines.

It is also a team work and needs mutual cooperation. I possess many other skills like how to manage time, how to solve the problems etc. Being a social person, I have strong communication skills. Powerful determination, patience, multi-tasking, trouble-shooting, quick service, presentation of new ideas etc. should also be concentrated and sharpened.

If I am unable to observe the moral values, then my clients will become angry with me. They will run away and never come back. Thus, the observance of good morality is an essential thing. Self-motivation is also very important.Its absence will lead to sluggishness and destruction of the work. The whole work should be done in a continuous way. There must be no interruption. Without research, there is no concept of stability and maturity.

Research work is like blood that runs in the veins of computer sciences or software engineering. With respect to my future dreams, I plan to complete my college education. Then, I want to win an MS degree in Computer Sciences. Afterwards, I will get an admission in Ph. D. After completing this, I will start my career in a multi-national company.I have a short-term objective in my mind. I want to get a suitable job so that I may achieve my long-term targets.

First of all, I wish to get a good job in a well-reputed company. This will increase my experience and confidence. This is my short-term goal. Furthermore, my long term goal is to attain the job of a great engineer in a multi-national company. No doubt, it will be a golden opportunity for me to exploit my secret intelligence, knowledge and experience.

Definitely, this will lead to the progress and growth of the company.My efforts and planning will contribute to take the company to the highest level. At present, I want to polish my different skills and knowledge in the field of computer sciences. This is the only way to fly higher and higher in the company. Thus, everybody will appreciate my efforts, abilities and devotion.

This is the lesson that was taught by my parents when I was a school boy. Just imagine, when I will get my goal, what will be extent of their happiness and pride. I enjoy a strong grip on the basics of computer software. I possess a strong and deep enthusiasm to excel in this field.With the help of my strong will power, I would be in a position to win my goal. I do believe that my background and qualifications are compatible to achieve my future dreams.

Frankly speaking, I am deeply interested in some courses like programming courses (C++, NET, JAVA, PHP, HTML etc. ), databases (oracle, SQL Server), software engineering, software project management, mathematics courses etc. Of course, I possess a strong ambition to start a job in software programming. I understand the computer instructions. Also, I am deeply interested in the development of different programs.It is a strong reality that this skill can be used to do anything in the respective field.

Thus, I will be in a position to provide facility and comfort to my clients. I do believe that such development will be materialized in near future. I am very happy to tell you that I want to become a software developer. There is a long list of the duties of a software engineer.

A software engineer has to support designing, developing and testing activities, applications of COTS solutions to the tools, planning the tasks in the support of scheduled milestones, supporting the design and coding of applications etc.He has to provide support to the unit and system test activities, supporting requirements distillation, using case development etc. Honestly speaking, I have only one thing in my mind i. e. , I should go ahead. My thinking is flexible. After five years, I would be working with a great employer. Surely, my position will be a basic one and highly responsible.

The proper and effective use of my talents will result into my rapid promotions. I will also work with my future colleagues in a pleasant atmosphere.All the significant and basic problems will be resolved with their support and co-operation. After ten years, I will be in a position to start my own business. After the completion of my studies, I will start a good job. Then, I will make progress in the field concerned.

It will enhance my information, skills and understanding. I would foresee my future position. I would meet new and exciting challenges in an attractive and impressive way. All these factors will contribute to the development and progress of the company. That will be a joyous and radical day in my life.

CONCLUSIONThe whole discussion can be just summarized and concluded that the field of Computer Science is the 8th wonder of the world. This is the greatest science and technology of the modern period. It has tremendously affected every part of our daily life. It has successfully penetrated each and every segment of human society. It is spreading at a very fast speed.

The whole world has become a global village. Our lives have become easier, faster and more facilitated. I possess a strong ambition to excel in software engineering. Surely, I would touch the climax with respect to my ability, talent and enthusiasm. THE END


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