Introduction and suggestions at the same time.


The development of computer-based communication technologies and the methods of how people prefer to use social networking have raised dramatically (Perkins 2008, p.

44). People are eager to improve their communication in business in order to make fast and effective decisions, develop proper relations, and engage more responsible partners within a short period and be sure of their correctness and success. The technologies like instant messages (IM) or wikis are the best successful examples of communication technologies in business; however, as any other achievements in the computer world, they are characterized by many positive and negative aspects. On the one hand, IM and wikis make communication between different people possible; on the other hand, much work and implementations are required. To solve the problems within the chosen filed, it is necessary to make people ready to challenges and provide them with the necessary amount of knowledge about IN and wikis’ peculiarities and properly explain the necessity to study these technologies on the high level.

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Enhanced business communication

Instant messaging (IM) is considered to be one of the frequently used communication technologies in the world of business. Many corporations have an access to IM and prefer to use this method in order to discuss current problems, share different files, and save their time.

“Corporate and government entities are increasingly using social networking to facilitate communication and collaboration among individuals and groups, both internally and externally” (Perkins 2008, p.44). IM is one of the simplest ways to share information; however, it is not the only advantage of this technology: these technologies also promote the reduction of e-mail traffic (Wilkins 2007, p. 31). Wikis, in their turn, provide their users with a magnificent chance “to contribute to the content by editing the pages” (Fernando 2007, para.2).

Many users are deprived of a chance to create an appropriate plan of their actions being far from each other. This is why the development of such communication technology is considered to be beneficial indeed: people are free to create an event by means of wiki services and add necessary changes, improvements, and suggestions at the same time. The result of this communication is a clear and properly discussed plan that is suitable for each member of a team. One of the most successful examples of how wiki services influence the business world is the cooperation by Penguin Publishing and the creation of the wiki novel A Million Penguins (Fernando 2007, para. 7). This experiment in corporate writing proves that people have all chances to succeed in the chosen activity and help other people.

Impending business communication

Considering the pros of the above-mentioned compute-based communication technologies, it is necessary to admit the negative aspects of IM and wikis.

Though IM provides people with a possibility to generate new business (Pannunzio & Nelson 2008, pp. 6), the use of this technology requires much time and efforts. IM is regarded as an informal style of conversations; this is why messages are usually brief and not always serious. They provide people with an opportunity to deflect their attention away from work and decrease the number of achievements possible to the chosen business sphere.

People have to focus their attention on work and make use of IM on to achieve particular professional goals. Wikis are the technologies which have to be thoroughly studies by the users. This is why it is necessary to find enough time and grasp the basics of this type of communication. If a person fails to understand how it is necessary to use wiki services, it may negatively influence the success of the communication through wikis.

Possible risks and solution of problems

To overcome difficulties and challenges in business communication through wikis or IM, people have to organize their activities in the way they can gain the necessary level of knowledge and find practical application to their theoretical knowledge. To provide proper implementation of the computer-based technologies, government should take care of the education process. If it is hard to add the necessary subject into the college/university program, companies and organizations which support IM or wikis should think about how their colleagues can use the offered services.

It is enough to present several introductory courses, explain the frameworks of communication in order not to be distracted from work, and underline the benefits of such communication.


In general, people get a wonderful chance to enjoy the achievements made in the computing field and business communication. The development of IM and wiki services help to save people’s time, provide them with good chances to share information, and solve problems within short periods. Technologies aim at making human lives easier and more comfortable, and the world of business is one of the first spheres where the use of communication technologies is characterized by benefits. Thought, there are still some challenges people have to face while using the technologies, solution of these problems makes people stronger and more sufficient in the chosen sphere. This is why people should use another chance, grasp the essentials of computer-based communication, and achieve good results in business.

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