They her mobile phone. She was bleeding

They come speeding on bikes and snatch mobiles, purses, chains, in short, whatever they can lay their hands on. These incidents are increasing by each passing day as they seem to be getting more daring and fearless.

Yesterday, they attacked my daughter with a knife and took away her mobile phone. She was bleeding profusely when she reached home. Somehow, the local police personnel are unable to control these anti-social elements. The people of the area are demoralized and are afraid to venture out of their homes by evenings.

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I wonder why prompt and strict action is not taken against these criminals. All our earlier complaints to the concerned authorities have been fruitless. To re-build the confidence of the people, it is imperative that such unlawful elements are immediately caught and crime be checked. I request you to look into the matter urgently and do the needful.

We shall be much obliged. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, (Your Name)


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