The kind notice the inferior quality of the

The Manager, Furniture World, Bharath Street, Chennai – 600 014. Subject: Complaint about the poor quality of furniture supplied Dear Sir, This is to bring to your kind notice the inferior quality of the furniture supplied by your reputed showroom to our school office. Two months ago, we had three sofa sets, two office desks and two push back seats supplied to our school office (Date of purchase 15-10-09, Invoice Number-5533). The details mentioned here should also make you conscious of the fact that the school management spent a small fortune (Rs 1, 80,000) in purchasing these products. The mentioned pieces of furniture started losing their shine and quality in no time. Further, one sofa just collapsed a week ago. A leg of one of the tables is shaking. As if these were not enough, one of the handrests of the sofa decided to detach itself yesterday.

I, therefore, request you to kindly take the furniture back and replace it with quality products as you guarantee your customers. I am sure this will not be a problem because it has been just two months since we made the purchase. Thanking you in anticipation Yours sincerely, S Reddy Principal

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