The effective as it should be and it

The ManagerCompany NameAddress Dear (Name), I bought an Admiral Brand twin-door refrigerator from your showroom on (Date) vide Receipt No. ________, but I regret to say that it is not giving satisfactory service. Its cooling system is not as effective as it should be and it vibrates. Moreover, sometimes it makes subdued buzzing noise. The cabinet has a long hairy scratch as well. The energy consumption is also on the higher side.

Therefore, I would request you to advise me immediately as to what I should do in the matter. You may send your representative to see for himself all these defects. I feel it is better if you send me a trouble-free piece instead of rectifying these defects by sending your mechanic. I take a very poor view of the situation as you have made very tall claims in your brochure about the efficiency of your refrigerator. I would very much appreciate the dispatch of a faultless piece at the earliest.

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