I of his officer-in-charge that he came round

I write this to complain that on ____________ (Date). When I visited your bank to withdraw ____________ (Amount) from my savings bank A/c No ____________, I filled up the withdrawal form and submitted it to the counter clerk, ____________ (Name). However he refused to accept it because it was not accompanied with my passbook. He continued to insist on it for more than fifteen minutes and harassed me. It was only on the intervention of his officer-in-charge that he came round to accepting the form and I got the money.

I was badly shaken by his rude behaviour. It is not that I was a new customer. I have been operating my account for the last ____________ (Years) and most of your staff including ____________ (Name) knows me personally. I do not understand what prompted him to behave as he did. I consider the treatment meted out to me as unbecoming of a bank of high reputation as yours.

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I may venture to say that this man hardly knows to appreciate the difficulty of a good customer. I may most courteously say that if this type of behaviour is meted out to me again, I shall certainly close my account and take it to a bank that will be thankful and be glad to have it. Yours faithfully, (Name)(Address)Dated ___________


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