Competitive Advantage Emirates Airlines is a commercial


Airlines is a commercial air carrier which has been successful in the industry.
The corporation has remained operational despite the stiff competition from
other international airline carriers. The headquarters of the Emirates Airline
is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Emirates uses aircrafts such as Airbus
and Boeing, which have the capacity to carry many passengers. Their aircrafts
are also designed to carry heavy loads and over long distances. There are
various strategies that have enabled Emirates Airline to retain its market
share even during difficult financial times. The Airline has adopted a very
effective business model that ensures it attains substantial but gradual
growth. Besides, the commercial airline carrier has retained its legacy of
offering efficient flights. Currently, Emirates Airlines operate in more than
81 countries across the world (O’Connell, 2011). The corporation possesses both
passenger and cargo aircrafts with the aim of meeting customer needs. It can be
asserted that Emirates commercial airline has employed competitive advantage to
become one of the successful corporation in the industry.

quality control in one of the strategies that Emirates Airline uses to ensure
corporation’s success. The services offered at the offices are excellent. Every
customer is valuable to the Airline and therefore he/she is handled with
respect and dignity. The Airline uses customer’s feedback to evaluate their
service provision and improve on the areas raise complains and that have
difficulties. Besides, the services offered during the flight and after
alighting are of very high standards (Grimme, 2011). Good quality control in
all operations has made customers have faith and trust in the Emirates
Airlines, hence it has contributed to retaining of the customers. The pilots,
technicians, flight attendants, and other crew members are taken through
intensive aviation training. The crew members are evaluated regularly to ensure
that they offer services as per required standards. Proper training and
retraining of its employees is a strategy that the Emirates Airline uses to
remain ahead of their competitors. When service if offered by knowledgeable
employees, customers are likely to get satisfied and remain loyal to the
commercial airline. Well-trained employees reduce the number of mistakes
committed hence flights have fewer complications.

strategy used by Emirates Airline is the development of software that can
perform diverse tasks. The Emirates Corporation has employed a team of
Information Technology (IT) experts and engineers who develop and maintain
aircraft software. The team of experts ensures that processes and procedures
followed utilized before, during, and after a flight is fully operational. The
strategy helps Emirates in reducing accidents and inconveniences caused by
technical problems (O’Connell, 2011). Also, the experts work swiftly to resolve
flight problems caused by technical difficulties. Quick response to emergencies
and flight challenges through a team of experts has given Emirates commercial
Airline a competitive advantage.

Emirates Airlines has majored in the tourism and hotel industry with the aim of
diversifying operations. The Corporation has also acquired resorts and spas,
all of which are well-operated. The investment in tourism, hotels, resorts, and
spas acts as a substantial support for the carrier industry. The passengers
boarding the Emirates flights become the customers of the hotels, restaurants,
and spas the corporation owns (Grimme, 2011). Creating direct routes to various
tourist destinations around the world gives the commercial airline an advantage
in the industry. The tourists to the designated destinations are very likely to
board Emirates Airline which has direct routes to the region. Therefore, the
various strategies used by Emirates commercial Airline has given it a
competitive advantage over its competitors and has enabled the corporation to
thrive amidst stiff competition in the industry.


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