Comparisons Study on combining these two control

Comparisons of first-cycle and PWM control methods have been presented through simulations and assessment . The first-cycle control scheme has demonstrated improved features compared to PWM control. Although the PWM control scheme is the most frequently used method but it has inherent drawbacks that first-cycle control can overcome. In the field of power amplifiers, Study on combining these two control methods has been initialized to improve the quality of amplifiers and reduce the cost. Compare of first-cycle and PWM control scheme is outlined below:
1. first-Cycle Control is better than PWM control in batter waveform quality. Simulations and assessment show that first-cycle control can suppress the perturbation yielded by the DC source and abate the undesired harmonic contents which exist under PWM control to make output closer to the reference signal.
2. First-cycle is better than PWM control in draw transient waveforms. Through the trial in First-cycle control shows its better performance than PWM control in the dynamic response. There exists a shorter delay between reference signal and output than the PWM control.
3. First-cycle is more general than PWM control. first cycle control can approximate arbitrary waveforms which can be DC and AC waveforms without any regulation such as transient fault voltages in power systems. Pulse width modulation control depends on the modulation signal required specific consideration. The generality of first-cycle control is also tightly connected to its high-speed response.


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