The one that has been rejected. The main

The study under analysis called Comparison of Telephone with World Wide Web-Based Responses by Parents and Teens to a Follow-Up Survey after Injury explores sociodemographic factors concerning completion of a follow-up survey through online communications and by telephone to define health status and health quality (Rivara et al., 2011).

According to the results, information received solely from the World Wide Web provides biases and ambiguities, which means that data should be collected by various means to increase its reliability and validity.

It is important for a research to be ethically approved which means that all researchers should have the permission for conducting different observations and surveys (Purdue Online Writing Lab, 2011). Most importantly, the participants should also be informed whether the interview responses will be anonymous or not. In the given study, the researchers have mentioned that all the procedures were controlled by the human subject committees.

Hence, parents and children were contacted by a telephone call to inform about their admittance to a survey. However, one point of the research seems to be ethically wrong because parents and children were given monetary rewards for taking part into a survey, which means that researcher intended to get an easy access to results. However, the survey results have turned out to be objective.

Overall, the course of research has been presented in a consistent way. The scholars have successfully presented all the procedures and results. Their findings are based on objective data received from the identified sources. The statistical data has also been processed accordingly. The initial information and justification of the research has also been sufficiently presented. Overall, the hypothesis and accompanied evidence relate to the discussed topic. The research conforms to the highest ethical and academic standards.

1st Interactive Response

Conny, your article analysis is quite exhaustive. You have successfully managed to define the basic hypothesis, as well as the one that has been rejected. The main idea of the article has also been defined. Further, ethical considerations are sufficiently exposed and many references have been made to valid resources to support your analysis. However, excess of direct quotes does not provide an impression of understanding the actual topic of the article. Next time, be more analytical and render the ideas in your own word to make sure that you are aware of the importance of the article.

2nd Interactive Response

Cherry, the chosen article provides an insight into important cultural and economic aspects. You have managed to provide an in-depth analysis of presented issues. The displayed results revealed a number of pitfalls concerning the quality of the conducted interviews. Specifically, understanding employed environment as well as employees’ needs, is essential for strengthening a favorable retention policy within an organization.

Due to the study of many dimensions of the workplace, it is possible to track the areas that need improvement and the ones that can be enhanced to increase productivity levels and employee’s performance. Finally, the results have provided a fresh insight into the importance of presenting statistical data for making decisions.


Purdue Online Writing Lab (2011) Ethical Considerations in Primary Research. Purdue. Retrieved from

Rivara, F. P., Koepsell, T. D., Wang, J., et al. (2011, June) Comparison of Telephone with World Wide Web-Based Responses by Parents and Teens to a Follow-Up Survey after Injury. Health Services Research. 46(3), 964-981.


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