In the short essay entitled

In the short essay entitled “Wolf”, author Grace Lukawska uses comparison as a mode of development throughout in order to show that wolves are similar to humans in many aspects.

At one point, she compares the wolf to a dog as well in terms of facial characteristics and expressions to communicate. However, the majority of the comparisons made are to human attributes and values.At one point, the author compares wolves’ organization to humans in that wolves have, like humans, a “well organized and hierarchical” society. In terms of family, wolves have a structure in where the male parent sets the rules and there is a distinct power level for each member of the family, similar to human families. “Like humans, wolves practice adoption” as well.

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Wolves also have the “ability to communicate” and “are sociable.” They express affection such as nuzzling and something similar to kissing. The author also contrasts wolves and humans to show that the stereotype assigned to wolves is undeserving.

The wolf is depicted negatively, according the author, as a bloodthirsty killer, but the author believes that the wolf is a beautiful and intelligent animal that, although similar to humans, is actually better because “the never commit distinctly “human” crimes such as murder, theft, and rape. ”

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