Stretches from Rann of Kachchh

2. Stretches from Rann of Kachchh to Kanyakumari. 3. Comparatively narrow 4. Divided into Gujarat coastal plain, Konkan coast and Malabar Coast 5.

Lagoons and estuaries are formed in the west coast 6. Highly influenced by the south west monsoon. 7. They are higher. The highest peak in the Western Ghats is Anaimudi with a height of 2,695 m.

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8. They rise steeply, from the West Coast. 9.

The hills are continuous. 10. All the rivers of the Deccan plateau rise in the Western Ghats.

Eastern Ghats:


between Eastern Ghats and Bay of Bengal 2. Stretches from Sundarbans to Kanya­kumari. 3. Comparatively wider 4. Divided into Coromondel coast and North Sircar coastal plains 5. Deltas are formed in this coastal stretch 6. Influenced by north east monsoons 7.

They are lower. The highest peak in the Eastern Ghats is Mahendragiri with a height of 1,500 m. 8. They rise gently from the east coast. 9. The hills are discontinuous.

10. The rivers cut valleys through the Eastern Ghats.


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