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Chess is one of the most popular board games in the world. Basically, it did not undergo some drastic changes throughout centuries. However, it became literally larger. Nowadays many people can choose between playing conventional chess or outdoor chess. Of course, to make a choice people should know the difference between the two games since seemingly similar games have different characteristic features which influence their role in human life.

Definition of the game

In the first place, it is important to point out that the two games are absolutely identical in terms of basic rules. For instance, Wilkinson (2008) defines chess as “abstract strategy board game that is played by two players” (19). Outdoor chess can be also defined like that.

Moreover, the board, chessmen and possible moves are absolutely identical in both games.

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The first difference to be discussed is the most noticeable, i.e. the dimension of the board and chessmen. Conventional board is usually placed on a table and players sit at this table. Whereas, outdoor chess is much larger, with the board placed on the ground and chessmen which can be as high as players. These characteristic features influence the way of playing: while playing conventional chess players are usually sitting, but playing outdoor chess presupposes that players walk and move.


The dimension of the board and chessmen and possibility to be physically active or passive during the game leads to other two differences between the games. Thus, children are more attracted by playing outdoor chess rather than conventional chess. They like using chessmen which are just like toys. Moreover, children keep moving and having fun while playing outdoor chess. In fact, not only children like outdoor chess. Adults, who like having fun and have time for it, often play this kind of game. On the contrary, conventional chess can be even regarded as a game for adults since it requires a lot of concentration, patience and analytical thinking. It is necessary to add that children also play chess, but they are more concerned with mental work rather than having fun.


It goes without saying that chess is a great training for brain. Moreover, it is a good opportunity to reveal sophisticated skills in logic, mathematics and analytical thinking. This peculiarity of chess has made it become one of the Olympic Games. In contrast to conventional chess, its outdoor relative is not taken that seriously. Outdoor chess is a great game for recreation. This kind of chess is not about making out some complicated strategies.

It is about having fun. Thus, while chess is a serious kind of sport, outdoor chess is kind of recreation.

The choice to make

All these peculiarities influence on people’s choice. For instance, if a person wants to develop analytical thinking he/she should start playing chess.

If a person is good in logic he/she can start training and eventually become an Olympic winner. However, if people want to relax and have a good time, they can play outdoor chess. Besides, outdoor chess can encourage a child to play conventional chess.


On balance, it is possible to state that conventional and outdoor chess have certain differences which define the role both games play in peoples’ lives.

Thus, the two games are similar in basic rules but differ in dimension, the age (and temperament) of players and their purpose.


Wilkinson, S.L. (2008).

Chess! Bloomington: Xlibris Corporation.


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