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No one ever said life was going to be easy. Throughout one’s life, one is pressurize into making a decisions he or she does not want to make. Sometimes the decisions made are base on how the person feels. One would make their decision by being loyal to the person. Or one may choose a betrayal decision. These difficult decisions were made within the two novels, Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare and Animal Farm by George Orwell. A person’s decision, whatever it may be, could affect anyone or everyone that revolves around the decision maker.

Conflicts, greed, arguments, crime, are only some examples how things would start to betray each other. When things become chaos, things become hard to control. First, On Animal Farm the pigs slowly were taking over the farm. Little without the animals knowing, they thought everything was going as plan. “No question now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.” Chapter 10, pg. 118. In the end, the pigs betray their ten commandments, their own comrades, and their very own words. Second, with in the story of Julius Caesar, if Brutus did not kill Caesar, Antony would not had to have put the people of Rome against Brutus and the conspirators. The pigs are to some extent like Brutus. On Animal Farm, the pigs were well respected by the animals on Animal Farm. As for Brutus, he is well respected by his friend and the people of Rome. Brutus also betrays himself. “But I do find it cowardly and vile, for fear of what might fall, so to prevent The time of life), arming myself with patience to stay the providence of some high powers that govern us below”, Act 5 sc. 1 lines 113 – 117. Brutus was saying this after Cato kills himself. Unfortunately, at the end, Brutus kills him self, in a fear that he lost everything.

Loyalty between two things can help them gain a trust. However if one decides to abuse that trust, then the loyalty between the two things is broken. Resembling the relationship of Boxer and Napoleon. Boxer trusted Napoleon. Boxer’s motto was, ” I will work harder, Napoleon is always right.” Sadly within this relationship, Napoleon was the one to blame for ruining it. Boxer was not the brightest horse, but he had the strength of two horses. Nevertheless the relationship Julius Caesar and Mark Antony had was a pleasant friendship. When Caesar died, the only thought that was going through Antony’s mind was revenge. Because of his love for Caesar, Antony got his revenge by turning the town’s people against Brutus and the conspirators. In another case, it seems that Antony is one way or another similar to Boxer. When Antony was asked from Caesar to accomplish something, Antony would go do I on the spot.

Sometime in life, one wants the best for others; and sometimes you want to be loyal, but at the end betrayal is the only way. Brutus often finds himself at war with himself. He does not know if he should keep his beloved friendship with Caesar, or do what’s best for Rome. In the end he finds that he loves his country more then his friendship with Caesar. Boxer was extremely loyal to Napoleon, strong, and a hard worker towards the Animal Farm’s dream. These qualities were what made the other animals look up to Boxer. Many of the animals wanted to be like Boxer. But, little did they know, they were only working towards a dream full with melancholy.

In conclusion, deciding weather to be loyal or to betray to an object can change a person’s life in a heartbeat. Being loyal to a friend you can gain a life’s give award. But betraying a friend, can practically guarantee a life full of misery. To be able to make some sort of decision, one must be at ease with one’s mind and soul. If one does not make the right decision, it will haunt them for the rest of their life. However if one makes the right decision, one would be with harmony with oneself.


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