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Servant leadership as described by Robert Greenleaf “one motivated by the desire to serve first, realizing that leadership is bestowed and can be taken away”. There are several skills that a servant leader possesses, such as greater listening skills, awareness about what is supposed to be done and also their behavior, and the commitment to the growth of others. Furthermore, this type of leader provides inspirational motivation by how they perform their task, which also serves as an example to others and encourages people to be creative. A servant leaders life is focused on achieving something for the greater good of many besides them self. Also, any act they carry out is not geared towards getting anything for themselves in return or motivated to gain power or influence. Servant leadership also embodies some values like, humility, honesty, and integrity, therefore, their everyday actions are the standard (role models) and can be trustworthy, and admired by his or her subordinates. Furthermore, servant leadership form significant relationships with their subordinates and peers and also provides them with the necessary guide for them to develop and grow.

The Civil Air Patrol defines followership as reaching a specific goal while exercising respect for authority, a positive attitude, integrity, and self-discipline. There are several characteristics that are connected to followership, firstly trust, the way a leaders acts or his/her behavior should be transparent and worthy of trust. Their actions and behavior are deemed to be professional and respectful at all times. Secondly, a leader with a strong followership is always ready to serve his/ her organization. With followership on recognizes how their strengths influence those they work with and can be an example to others. Finally, with followership, one has to be able to take responsibility for their actions and also take accountability and make rational decisions
In conclusion, Servant leadership and followership are similar because it requires trust, good morals, serving others and also acting professionally at all times, i.e. being the standard.
Robert Greenleaf “servant leadership” 1970-1991


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