Compare and contrast essay on PC models


A great personal computer must demonstrate superiority in three realms: performance, cost effectiveness as well as design. Three models have been chosen for analysis and they include the Apple iMac 27-inch, Gateway SX2850-33 and the HP Touchsmart 610q 1065qd.

Comparison of the PCs

All three personal computers have relatively high speed. The Apple iMac is critically acclaimed for its superior speeds owing to its core i5 central processing unit. Likewise, the Gateway model has a central processing unit of core i3. The Gateway has a central processing unit made up of an Intel core i7. These are all relatively impressive speeds that would be quite satisfactory for organizational or personal use.

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The nature of ports prevalent in the Apple iMac makes it comparable to the Gateway SX2850-33. In fact media users will find the former model quite useful owing to its ability to facilitate connected devices. One can expand the card slot, and thus perform tasks with relative ease on the Gateway model.

Connectivity options are quite vast in this kind of PC (Brown a, 4). Design features are also quite strong in two of the computers; the 27inch Apple iMac as well as the HP Touchsmart. The display system in Apple model is quite superior. Because the machine is twenty seven inches, then one is bound to get a good resolution from this computer. In fact, this makes Apple quite ideal for viewing high definition video. Many all-in-one computers promise a lot but none of them really comes close to the screen display that is prevalent in the Apple model. When one watches videos or other moving images on the Apple screen, rarely will one witness motion blur as the lighting and the colors have been perfectly thought through (Rougeot, 8).

Likewise, the HP touchsmart is also quite superior in this area. It has a twenty three inch screen that provides great flexibility. The screen can be adjusted in order to conform to the nature of one’s position and thus provide great freedom. Other design features that make both the Apple iMac and the HP touchsmart quite promising are the wireless keyboards that can be found in both computers. The mouse in both models also possess the same quality of being wireless. The advantage of using Bluetooth technologies or wireless technologies for the keyboard and the mouse lies in the flexibility accorded as well as the minimalist component provided by the machines. For video streaming use, one may want to consider two models: Apple iMac 27 inch and Gateway SX 2850-33. These two PCs both have provisions for video input and output although they may prove to be more costly than devices that have been dedicated towards this service.

Their manufacturers have placed ports in the machines that allow quick and fast usage of two screens using the same central processing device. The two kinds of computer models therefore compare well when it comes to this quality. If the concerned organization holds plenty of video conferences with correspondents in different locations or countries, then the two types of Personal computers would be quite appropriate for them.


Apple still remains the most expensive of the three models. One would have to part with approximately $1,900. What is even worse is that one may have a very hard time merely trying to purchase hardware options for use in this model. Conversely, Gateway SX2850-33 and HP touchsmart 610q1065qd are all cost effective models. Gateway would cost $600; a low budget price, while HP touchsmart would be approximately $1,700. Although 1700 may seem like a fairly high price, it is considered quite reasonable for a device that utilizes touch-screen technologies. In terms of performance, if one is looking for a highly interactive machine, then the Touchsmart model is the best option. The touchscreen allows a user to use his or her fingers instead of a mouse in order to navigate and this makes the technology truly exceptional.

The same features cannot be found on the 27 inch Apple iMac as well as the Gateway SX. If one assesses speed in terms of how fast one can navigate web pages, documents and other applications, then the Touchsmart model would definitely be preferable. The Apple iMac 27 inch computer is the only one among the three that has highly impressive stylistic features. The keyboard and the mouse were designed to be as slim as possible. This makes the machine quite easy to use when one has limited space for the computer. It also means that transportation of the device can be done relatively easily. The size of the Apple iMac keyboard is about 75% of the size of other normal keyboards.

It is almost appears flat to the observer but this does not make it difficult for one to work on the keyboard as the sleek size does not compromise on the usability of the keyboard. The mouse on Apple is quite impressive as well. It embodies features found in most of Apple’s laptops.

The mouse only has one button that responds quite easily to the movement of fingers and allows one to move around desired web pages and documents with relative ease. In terms of memory capacity, the HP touchsmart model has the greatest capacity; it has 8GB capacity (Brown, 2)). Conversely, the Apple iMac and the Gateway model have 4GB inbuilt memories. Therefore, if storage is an important component of an organization’s tasks, then the touchsmart model would be the most ideal. Since most businesses have plenty of documents to store and a lot of work to process, then the HP touchsmart model would be an elegant choice. Because the computer has a high memory capacity, then the ability to perform tasks quickly is also increased. This means that file conversions, work format changes and many more characteristics can be carried out with relative ease using the HP touchsmart model than with any other devices.


As stated earlier, a good computer should be assessed in terms of its performance, its design and its price. The Gateway computer is by far the cheapest of the three models. However, this price competitiveness is easily neutralized by its lack of other critical design and performance features.

The HP touchsmart model is the most superior in terms of performance. It has a greater level of memory as well as Intel core CPU capacity. Apple iMac is impressive in terms of the stylistic or design aspects. The provisions for video input and output, display superiority, keyboard and mouse designs make it quite flexible and convenient to use. All three models have their unique selling points, but one should only settle for a product that provides the greatest level of service or one that performs well. If one was told to choose between a fridge that looks great but breaks down from time to time, and one that looks bad but will never let the client down, then one would definitely select the latter over the former. Similarly, the Apple iMac 27-Inch has great stylistic features but its performance is not comparable to the HP touchsmart 610q1065qd, so the HP touchsmart should be the best model among the three computers.

It will provide value for money and outperforms all the other models.

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