Company: 300 ex-employees at BlackBerry companies across Canada.

Company: BlackBerryDone By: Muhammad Rusydi Shah Bin Awg AlamsahCosmopolitan College of Commerce & TechnologyBTEC: Diploma in Business level 3 group 2Table of Contents TOC o “1-3” h z u Legal Issues PAGEREF _Toc508787166 h 3What is legal issues? PAGEREF _Toc508787167 h 3BlackBerry sued by over 300 former employees PAGEREF _Toc508787168 h 3Ethical Issues PAGEREF _Toc508787169 h 4What is ethical issues? PAGEREF _Toc508787170 h 4BlackBerry Ethical Issues P5 PAGEREF _Toc508787171 h 4Use of email: PAGEREF _Toc508787172 h 4Whistle-blowing PAGEREF _Toc508787173 h 4Use of internet: PAGEREF _Toc508787174 h 5Operational Issues PAGEREF _Toc508787175 h 6Organizational policies PAGEREF _Toc508787176 h 6Business continuance plans PAGEREF _Toc508787177 h 6Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc508787178 h 7References PAGEREF _Toc508787179 h 8Legal IssuesWhat is legal issues?the law is one of the bases of the case forwarded to the court. as well as it is one of the most entrusted to be given any final decision under the law of the court. to ensure that a case should refer to a point where a strong evidence will not be altered by the court which results from the decision depending on the interpretation in a case subject to the law already established on the ruling party.BlackBerry sued by over 300 former employeesBlackBerry has already faced any claims against class actions from more than 300 ex-employees at BlackBerry companies across Canada. as well as a statement posted via news from law firm Nelligan O’Brien Payne LLP.

one of Ontario-based Waterloo technology companies has been accused of denying workers’ right of termination by transferring them to the partner company. However, after they received a job at the company they had already submitted a letter for resignation to them. Former employees at a BlackBerry company were later charged with being given a deadline for their work.

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BlackBerry action is a termination of employment, the law firm said. The company also has granted workers the right to be granted in accordance with statutory law, common law and contractual termination. BlackBerry has not yet commented on the matter, although the suit has said they will refuse to pay according to the rights and the transferred employees will lose the accumulated years of service.Ethical IssuesWhat is ethical issues?When a person’s moral or a company is established conducts a violation of the law that has already been set up.

and may also affect a number of recruitment practices as well as the treatment of workers in the company. as well as more obvious and detailed terms such as honesty or integrity that must be practiced through transparency with such customers. Codes of practice exist in organization maintain business ethics on:Use of emailWhistle-blowingUse of internetBlackBerry Ethical Issues P5Use of email:In the other way of using email, BlackBerry has accelerated with management trends that are not responding to any employee needs.

the subject of the probation for reporting any unethical behavior. some of us are very disappointed that they will lose sight of their colleagues. whatever their needs are to check all emails at all times. they will still lack attention and also refuse a worker who will seek management assistance in any case of a critical situation. a manager will not give the employee time to take action that serves to break the vital data stream from all sources.Whistle-blowingwhistleblowing is one of the acts of attracting attention to all the people or attracting attention to the person on the side of the authority to consider misconduct. one of the unethical practices or activities of public, private, and third-party organizations.

in the sense of corruption, fraud, bullying, health and safety, closure and discrimination are general activities highlighted by informers.Use of internet:some of the easiest things to do to use the internet is to get us communicating with people who live around us away with this facility to facilitate the past. At times the communication was a daunting task but all that widespread was the internet that came into the lives of ordinary people. at the moment everyone can not only make but can do any video conferencing.

This makes us all excited to make contact with family or business partners via the web using the internet.Operational IssuesOrganizational policiesBlackBerry companies are already included in IT policies and have all the rules that have been configured for all types of devices in the absence of any IT policies given to any user accounts as well as to groups that have been using which IT policies owned by a user from a BlackBerry company will also ship to the default policy on all devices. as well as users therefore, BlackBerry will continue to send automatically to share IT policies to those devices as already active users.Business continuance plansmake a Plan for connecting businesses that have a more challenging role and also with other risk managers. it will also ensure that an organization can continue to operate smoothly. as well as having a dedicated attitude to help the whole community and to avoid the region from any crisis.ConclusionBlackBerry is a big company and they’re always working toward the laws.

The company was established in 1999. This company had a three type of issues they are legal issues, ethical issues and operational issues.ReferencesMobileSyrup. 2018. BlackBerry sued by over 300 former employees.

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