Company items per year. Company has good relationship

Company started its outsourcing or international expansion in 1988 through Porto and Portugal.

In 1990, it entered in USA and Belgium. Company started its expansion in Asia in 2010 through India and launched its first online boutique as well. Online stores are available in almost every region now. Zara’s supplies its products based on consumer demands.

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Products reach the stores within 15 days. Clothing is processed through the distribution center in Spain. The clothing products are delivered within 2 days. Zara produces over 450 million items per year. Company has good relationship with customers. They know the demand of customers which helps them in stocktaking by 80%.

Stock management is very good, that allows customer online orders, both from the store and warehouse, to shorten delivery time and enhance customers need.The transportation and distribution of products is undertaken entirely by external contractors. Company works with the suppliers and manufacturers across 53 different countries to outsource their products. Headquarters are present in Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Morocco. Clothes with a longer shelf life are outsourced to low-cost suppliers, mainly in Asia.


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