Company Analysis of Tesco


The purpose of this report is to analyze internal opportunities and threats, external strengths and weakness, vision statement and mission statement of Tesco Corporation, example of achieved mission, and recommendation of strategies to develop the organization in future.

Background of Tesco Corporation

Tesco Plc. is the giant of global glossary chain shop operating in fourteen countries and considered as the third largest player in terms of revenue generation. The company originated in UK in 1919 as small grosser and now turned into FTSE 100 Company listed in the LSE annual revenue of ? 60.93 billion and? 2.67 billion Net income accounted in 2011. Tesco possesses 2,715 outlets in UK occupying Total area 3,411,586 sq meter space while the company has diversified its business in telecommunication, banking, ICT, club card, beauty salon film producing gold trading and many more sectors with successful record of accomplishment.

The company has 2,665 stores with 70,718,000 sq. meter floor space worldwide excluding the total number of UK stores, while the numbers of outlets have been increasing with a remarkable rate of expansion. Tesco’s expansion strategy, strong organisational structure, and core business concept those are the facts that provided the competitive advantages that no other competitors can bid. There are a number of complain about the Tesco’s corporate governance, tax manipulation and corporate social responsibility including workplace environment in third world factories but above all Tesco turned in to a power of the UK society that may not be depress the business environment.

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However, the following table gives more information about the company – List Some Key Features About the Company StoresTesco has about 4,331 Stores all over the world and among them 2,306 stores in the national market, 571 stores in Thailand, and 319 stores in Poland to offer wide range of products and services to the target customersEmployeesTesco has more than 472000 employees all over the world and it is going to recruit more staff to operate the business more smoothlyTesco Personal FinanceIt is a combination of the Banking and Insurance service that started operation initially only in UK and in 2003, Tesco decided to buy the 50% share of Royal Bank of Scotland of ?950 million to own the total share of TPFFoodIt is the largest business segment for Tesco as it offers 40000 food products, such as – 400 ‘Healthy Living’ products which are low in fat and sodium 150 ‘Free From’ product to make life easier for customers with food allergies and intolerances In addition, it offers 40 Special healthy Kids snacks and 1,200 Organic product lines


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