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Companies often require comprehensive background checks to be done on any applicant that they are planning to hire.

What is the importance of this? Well, for one thing, a comprehensive background check allows them to get to know an employee better. Resumes and references are all good but there are things about a person that just cannot be revealed through paperwork. A comprehensive background check reveals all that exists behind the mask that an applicant initially presents to the company that he wishes to join. It is also very important to conduct comprehensive background checks because of the cutthroat nature of competition today.

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All companies today want to attract the best people to be a part of their team. In conducting comprehensive background checks, you have to realize that there are different components. Here are some of them:Criminal records – A criminal background check reveals whether or not a person has ran afoul of the law in the past. This is very important because the past of an employee often reflects on the future of the employer. Although many people say that every person deserves another chance, it is often the case that not many people are willing to give that chance to someone who has once committed a crime. The image of your company may get hurt. It is also the truth that trusting someone who has a pervious criminal record can be a lot harder than trusting someone with a clean slate. Because of this, the criminal record is often the most important component of a comprehensive background check.

Previous employment – Another pillar that forms the base of a comprehensive background check is the work experience assessment. Each job has specific requirements regarding the skills that a person must possess and, quite frankly, no company has the resources to spare in training an employee from scratch. By finding an applicant who has the proper background in the basics of a job, the company will be able to save a lot of time and resources in training that applicant. Previous employment checks also make sure that the applicant will be able to work in a harmonious relationship with the rest of the people within the company.

This ensures that you will be able to retain the services of that employee for a long time. This is important, especially if you rely on employees to retain your clients. Of course, there is also the previous performance of that applicant to consider. By including the previous employment when conducting a comprehensive background check, you will be able to make a few predictions regarding how that applicant will perform in your company.Health – Of course, it is important to know the medical history of an applicant before actually hiring him or her.

This is because work does require a person to be physically fit, even if that work only does involve sitting around and pushing paper. By including a health exam in a comprehensive background check, a company can make sure that employees will be able to handle the strains of a job. This is very important in keeping up productivity.

These are just some of the essential components of a comprehensive background check. Of course, you cannot really judge the character of an employee through the results of a comprehensive background check but you sure can come close. 


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