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Community revolves around people working together as a group in the same area. Therefore it is vital that when issues arise, they are measured and controlled. An alarming issue that is recurring and increasing rapidly is people’s mental health problems. And throughout this project this will be the problem that will be focused on. Firstly, the aim of this project is to address and inform ourselves of the issue. When doing this, a health initiative needs to be articulated. Our mental health related problem summed up, is based on the increasing risk of men having and developing mental health disorders. Our aim is to reduce this risk and create a more positive environment within the community to enable and encourage men to talk and seek help about their issues. There are many determinants and sources of where mental health issues begin to grow, you could say that the increasing problem of mental health began after the Celtic Tiger and showed a prominent escalation when the recession set in. It affected the entirety of Ireland’s population, but because men back then were the breadwinners of the house, unemployment was a deep struggle for them and still is as they see it as going against their social norms. Their mental health became a huge issue and resulted in mens wellbeing to decrease. They suffered from increased mental health problems and anxiety.
The scope of our project revolves around men and their increasing mental health problems. Our reason for choosing men is that, all in all, men are less likely to express their feelings and seek help. As men and women may have some similar mental disorders, some are very different. Take for example, men may turn to alcohol and drugs to try and cope with their emotional issues. Men with depression may hide theirs symptoms as women will express emotion. Statistics show that men are more likely to abuse illegal drugs and 3 times more likely than women to become alcohol dependant. On the other hand, some signs can appear as physical symptoms, for example some symptoms would be anger, increased worry and stress, suicidal thoughts, involving themselves in dangerous activities.
Today there is a number of mental health disorders that are affecting men, some include:
Bipolar disorder
Post traumatic stress
Eating disorders
These are only a few disorders out of many that exist. Within this project men are our prime focus and one significant statistic is “3 out 4 suicides are men,(76% of men compared to 24% of females)”, this shows that men are more at risk. It is found that men are less likely to attend good mental health practices, such as counseling. Overall they are not common to use psychological therapies in comparison to women.
All these findings make us more driven to construct our project on the mental wellbeing of men within the community.


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