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Word Count: 767The purpose of
this essay is to prove that Communism is a better form of
economic organization, compared to capitalism. I will use
these following examples equality, employment, health care
and society, to show why Communism is a better form of
economic organization. First of all in a communist regime,
people are all equal to each other no matter how educated
that person is, in the eyes of the government. For example a
Surgeon how is very well educated is equal in status with a
peasant farmer because in communism their is no such thing
as lower class, middle class and upper class. Eliminating
economic boundaries which separate people, benefits the
whole society because then we eliminate the have and have
not, as a circumstance it eliminates crime. Secondly in a
Communist economic system people are never unemployed
because the government owns the means of production.

Meaning the governments owns all the factories and stores
because their is no private owner ship in a Communist
system. This is good because the government can control
and decide what is needed for the good of society and
produce it. Another reason why Communism is good is
because everyone in the country is provided with a job,
house and food; no one is denied the essentials of life. One
of the most fundamental human rights is access to adequate
health care. In Communist countries the right of access to
health care is very well practiced, because no one is denied
health care. In a Communist country you could go to the
Doctor for lets say a Flu shot or a complicated procedure
such as a triple coronary bypass surgery and the government
will pick up the tab, because in communist countries every
life is valuable. Economic systems which operate in a
Communist manner consider first what is good for society.

The decisions which are made especially when their about
politics, the consideration is always based, is it good for the
whole of society and will society benefit? Now I will begin to
discuss why Capitalism is a poor way to administer a
economic system. First in a capitalistic system their is no
equality people are broken down into groups. Such as lower
class people who make under twenty thousand yearly,
middle class thirty thousand yearly, upper class one hundred
thousand yearly and the Corporate elite who make over a
million a year. People are broken down into groups by how
much money they make. Depending how much money you
make; you will be seen different in the eyes of the
government. For example if you are a poor nobody from the
lower class, chances are if you walk in to a senators office
he will not even see you because you have no money. But if
you are a Corporate elite chances are he will see you
because you have influence, and influence in a Capitalistic
society is money. In a Capitalistic system people are forced
to compete against each other to the bitter end. Children are
taught in their schools that individualism is the only way to
success and only to worry about themselves and not society.

So basically children in a Capitalistic system are taught to
benefit themselves and not society. Due to this Capitalistic
countries face huge problems which plague their cities and
small towns. For example drugs, murders, robberies etc.

Are a cause of capitalism, not only that, the distribution of
wealth is ridiculous. A few control the wealth, well others try
to survive, and the wealthy get wealthier and the poor get
poorer. In a Capitalistic system the have and have not are
very enormous causing those who have nothing turn to crime
to receive what they believe they deserve. Also in capitalism
system the government in not very generous because it
doesnt take care of its people. For example if you lose your
job and you cant receive any kind of benefits then you are
screwed, because you will become one on the millions in a
Capitalist system in which people are forced to live in the
streets and eat out of trash cans. Doing this essay I examined
Communism looking only at the pros and found out that
Communism is really not that bad if it is administered right.

When I started to compare and criticize capitalism
compared to Communism I found out that Capitalism is
really a harsh form economic organization in which the
people of a same race or country are forced to compete at
every thing they do. Not only that In a capitalism society
many people how cant compete in a Capitalistic society are
thrown aside and labeled as bums but society doesnt look
to see what caused the problem and let these people spoil,
because again in a capitalistic society only the strong
survive. Overall my views of Capitalism are true meaning
that I do believe in Capitalism, but inside of me I feel that a
little bit of Communism mixed with capitalism will make a
perfect form of economic organization in which the whole of
society benefits and moves forward.

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