On for WSM Radio which is owned by

On last Monday, our guest speakers consisted of Mr.

Paul Lyle, Mr. Kenneth Griffin, and Ms. Oretha Shardon. They all had prominent careers in communications as sales and advertising representatives.

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Mr. Paul Lyle works for Citadel Broadcasting Company as a sales manager. He is responsible for selling advertisements and he also comes up with ideas for promotions or promoting a certain product or company. My. Lyle works with a group of ten sellers he calls his sales team. His team gets paid solely on commission.Mr.

Lyle graduated from the University of Tennessee. He wanted to be a sportscaster since the ninth grade. He worked at an announcer for his high school announcing the school games. He says that he loves his job even though he did not acquire his dream jobs as a sportscaster but now that he is in sales he would not trade it for anything.

Mr. Kenneth Griffin an executive for St. Clair Broadcast Fox 17.

Mr. Griffin started out with several jobs as a producer at WKRW television station and WTBS Channel 5an affiliate of PBS. He brought to our attention that as a sales person he had to create ideas to pitch to his client so he could show them ways to improve their business and make more money. He also told us that, in sales, you have to start from ground zero to build up a portfolio.Ms. Oretha Shardon is an advertisement sales representative for WSM Radio which is owned by Gaylord Entertainment. Ms. Shardon has worked in this business for twenty-two years.

She mostly talked about her theme for this year which was Sentenced to Success. She stated that persons in sales need some type of motivation and energy to get their clients excited about how they will enhance their business. She also said that you should make sure thatyou are bring a product or service that will totally benefit the buyer.Words/ Pages : 319 / 24


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