Communication all needing to share patient information and

Communication is the process of imparting and interchange of thoughts, information by common protocol. Each information has their meaning in order to makes others understand the informations and thoughts we want to deliver to them and get an accurate response from that person via verbal communication or non verbal communication.
People in organisations typically spend over 75% of their time in an interpersonal situation. Physiotherapists interact even more with patients, spending up to 90% of their time and effort. So effective communication is an essential component of organisational success whether it is as the interpersonal, intergroup, intragroup, organisational, or external levels. This is because the care of patients involve many different individuals, all needing to share patient information and discuss their management.
According to the research evidence shows that there are strong positive relationships between healthcare team members’ communication skills and a patient’s ability to follow through with medical recommendations, self-manage a chronic medical condition and adopt preventive health behaviours. Patient prefers for receiving remote communication to improve adherence to exercise and physical activity recommendations from their physiotherapists. Thus, communication is essential for optimum treatment for patient.


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