Communication are kinesics (kinesics means the different

Communication is the process of exchange of thoughts, ideas and information. Communication, however is taken very lightly.

There are many concepts within communication which makes it more efficient and perceivable. Some of these concepts are kinesics (kinesics means the different body movements or such activities used during communication that enhances the meaning of the communication), attribution and body language which differ the exact meaning of spoken words in communication. This essay looks into one of such communication process and describes various concepts of communication and their usefulness in communication.I went to the commonwealth bank along with my friend, Nisha, to open a bank account for her. There we met Sheena, who helped us open a new bank account.

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She frankly and cheerfully inquired Nisha about her identification details. Nisha spoke in a very low voice as she gave her contact and address details to Sheena. Sheena then asked Nisha for her documents. Nisha’s eyes were focused on her documents as she presented them to her. Sheena was surprised that Nisha did not have any stamp in her passport from the department of immigration at the airport. Nisha continued looking to the floor as she explained her that the stamp was not compulsory these days.


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