Communication is one of the basic ways humans

Communication is one of the basicways humans connect with each other. Communication is how we form our familybonds, friendships, romantic connections etc.  It is the process which information isexchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, languages,and behaviors. Communication is one of the most basic ways businesses have asolid foundation with each other. Communication lets two or more people explorethe world together, and find out more about each other.

Good communication skillscan result in less stress, and good connection between coworkers. Poorcommunication skills can result in failure, stress, and conflict. Communicationis not just shown in words, it is shown in motions, signs, body language,listening skills, and handwritten notes. Good communication skills can changesomeone’s life in a positive or negative way.                Ittakes work to develop good communication skills. Communication is thefoundation of life.

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The way you communicate to someone in any type of situationcan result in a positive or negative outcome. Everyone communicates differentlyeven if you have a disability or not. Some good basic communication skills area necessity in life. One of the most important communication skills is tolisten to the other person when they are speaking. Having good listening skillsis important to showing people we care about what they are saying.  Having good body language shows you areinterested and connected in the conversation.

Anyone in the medical fieldunderstands how hard it could be teaching a patient or a resident how to takecare of themselves. As the care provider, you need to be brief, and specific.This takes place a lot with the geriatric population in any form of care. Inany age of life, someone could have a hearing problem. They can simply be “hardof hearing” or completely deaf. In this case, you would write things down.Writing things down is a form of communication that helps multiple people. Ifsomeone can’t hear what you say, they will most likely understand if you writeit down.

One last form of communication is “think before you speak”.  Some people don’t think before they speak and whatthey say does not make sense. If this occurrs in a medical situation, thiscould confuse the patient or resident even more.

Communication comes in allforms. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your situation is. In theworld today it doesn’t matter how you communicate because everyone communicatesdifferently.                Communicationis a necessity in the healthcare field for multiple reasons. Communicationallows a doctor to relay treatment to his/her patient or resident.

This is howa certified nursing assistant relays what he/she is doing for their patient;feeding, bathing, or helping them in the bathroom. As a nurse communication iskey in telling a patient about medication they need to take, medical proceduresthey need to do with the patient or simply explain something to make them moreat ease. You are teaching a patient or a resident how to do something to maketheir health better. Teaching someone in the way of healthcare is not justwords. The nurse can write the directions down on a piece of paper, show themotions of how to do a specific task, guide someone or mimic the behaviors. Otherforms of communication can be listening, eye contact, and body language/movement.

Being a part of the healthcare community automatically comes with learning/havinggood communication skills. Communication skills come along with helping a patientor a resident, even dealing with coworkers (health careteam). Communication is a form of life, and helps improve life every day.

               Ramificationsof poor health care can have the biggest consequence on the patient/resident,and this error is on the healthcare team. Healthcare is the improvement ofphysical and mental health. Negative communication can add stress to theworkplace which makes it difficult to develop a productive work environment. Whenthe health care team members do not communicate effectively, the patient/residentsuffers the most. When conflict occurs throughout the healthcare team, thepatient/resident can sense the discord of the team.

When the healthcare teamconflicts, it often starts with communication about a disagreement. Forinstance, if a member of the health care team doesn’t communicate with eachother what their individual roles and responsibilities are, then multiplepeople could be doing the same work and cause conflict about doing the samework. This is an example of lack of communication. Communication is the key todeveloping good relationships with your coworkers, as well aspatients/residents. Most people chooseto avoid difficult situations when they are a part of life.

The majority of peoplewant to avoid conflict and stressful situations; in the healthcare field it is difficultto do so. Having good communication skills in a difficult situation can helpsomeone. In these types of situations having good communication skills is important.One way to help someone in a difficult situation is to sit down with them, haveeye contact, and listen to them. Listening to someone in pain could be theirform of therapy. The person may need to release what they are feeling such aspain, fear and possibly anger.  As a careprovider this becomes part of the job.

In health care many people think the jobis always just to make sure the health is ok, when much of it is just talkingto the patient, resident, and even their family. Communication helps hundredsof people a day. Good communication can allow us to tell someone about a greatday or vent about a bad one while someone listens.               Having poor communicationskills can make a difficult situation worse. It all starts with how the careprovider approaches the situation. When you know the resident, patient, andfamily member is going to be receiving bad news the care provider should thinkthrough what they are going to say to the family.

A resident and their familycan suffer emotional stress if a caregiver fails to communicate stressful news.               Tolstoyis a nursing home located in Rockland County New York. As a certified nursingassistant student, we are obligated to go there every Monday and Tuesday andcommunicate with the residents on an everyday basis.

Each resident is a unique individualwith different needs, this information is listed in the care plan. Having goodcommunication is important to have here. For example, some residents have aproblem with hearing, making it necessary to speak loudly so they can hear you.In the nursing home many residents don’t speak English, they speak Spanish, andRussian, or the resident does not verbally communicate.

In this case we have tofind a new way of communication. A form of communication is mimicking themoves/steps the resident has to do. Another example is writing down what weneed to do with the patient/resident. Writing things down helps a residentcomprehend what the nurse needs them to do.

The resident may not hear correctlyand that is where writing things down helps. Every resident learns in their ownway, and as a certified nursing assistants we respect this, and we make it workfor them.               Asof 2016, there is an estimate of 7.5 billion people living on Earth. Communicationis a key part of nursing; we use whatever abilities we have to make someone’slife easier. People who are blind, deaf, or old, all have the same form ofcommunication such as person who can see or hear. Communication is a need inlife and nurses everywhere help modify it.

Communication is not just shown inthe form of speaking, it is shown in motions, signs, handwritten notes ect. Goodcommunication skills can change someone’s life in a positive or negative way. Allit takes is meeting a person and see their individual communication skills.  


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