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communication campaign of Air France or any other airline you better know? Which targets, objectives and strategy? Introduction Air France, founded in 1933, is the main French airline. Its commercial airline and its main activities are passenger transport, cargo and maintenance and servicing of aircraft. It serves major French airports and many overseas airports.

Its main mapping platform is located at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport with which it has many operating agreementsThe company is part of the group privatized Air France-KLM and is a founding member of the SkyTeam alliance. As part of the Air France -KLM Group and a member of the SkyTeam global airline alliance, they are able to offer the best in-flight service and widest choice of travel routes to customers.Strategy, Targets and ObjectivesThe airline company Air France-KLM were mainly targeting businessmen, often enrolled in loyalty programs. Air France-KLM thus has targeted heart of affluent clients with high retention rates.

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However, the market leader for years, Air France-KLM is now suffering from increased competition with the emergence of low cost carriers and new airlines like Easy  jet and Arabic Emirates. It therefore attempts to expand this preset target, addressing a younger target, trying to revitalize its image and offering lower prices and more adequate services.The 7P’s of marketing is the main framework used and consideration is also given to the benefits of relationship marketing for the organisation.Air France is using following mediums for its activities: Press Relations, Advertising, Brand management, Creation of audio-visual content (reports, photos),Writing of articles, speeches, Public Relations, Partnership development, event organisation and social media.

Air France uses these social media extensively to communicate: Air France recent communication strategy is based around promoting France and also targeting younger generation.Digital marketing strategy has been extensively used for promoting brand 2014  to communicate product and services, the launch of new destinations, new ambition in terms of digital services as well as greater availability of  Mini fares. The new campaign of Air France was centred around  French culture to target tourist customers to France and emphasize on fact that experience French culture since start of holiday trip. French culture is famous throughout the world and Air France is trying to use this in its communication strategy  and hence emphasis is given from food to crew styling, gestures and safety demonstrations. Their latest safety demonstration video, which has gained quiet popularity is all about  France  and is also presenting it as city of fashion. They have very nicely used in this in their boarding announcements and brought creative videos to mix fashion with safety instead of just boring inflight safety demonstrations is centered around France known  to be fashion capital in the world.

 The Uniform Air France staff have a distinctive uniform, designed by Christian Lacroix . The company staff is trained to respect and perpetuate these values and the Air France-KLM principles and no bend the rules is followed.Music punctuating the takeoffs and landings of airplanes of the company is the piano Concerto No. 23 of Mozart.

This all details says in itself that  Air France wants to engender feeling in customer  of  experience France right from the start of their journey.’Air France, France is in the air’ replaces the airline’s 15-year-old signature ‘Making the sky the best place on earth’, highlighting the positive values associated with France: the art of living, French spirit, luxury brands and Michelin-starred chefs.Air France, France is in the air’  marketing campaign  consists of six key visuals which illustrate the services offered by the airline – including its new A380, the La Première cabin, its new business cabin, gastronomy, the network and over 1,000 SkyPriority channels – supplemented by 12 visuals depicting the iconic destinations served by Air France.It is said that The campaign was then tested by independent consultants in France, Italy, the US, Brazil, China and Côte d’Ivoire, on customers who had travelled with Air France and other carriers.No doubt, this campaign has gained popularity and shown positive results in air France sales.Air France is also using digital strategy in very innovative way.

They aiming to raise awareness for its newly-launched Business Cabins in Asia and the Pacific region through a new mobile game which allowed travellers to compete for an instant upgrade on flights to Paris. To help realizing of this aim, Fred & Farid Shanghai created the social mobile game “Upgrade Challenge” in which travellers could compete for a chance to win a free upgrade to business class just prior to boarding. The competition has since been extended to a regional level in which all Air France passengers flying from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia or Japan can now compete against each other and only the best scorers of the month in each country will have the chance to be upgraded on their next flight to Paris.It targets customer engagement at a key point of attention opportunity, when people are waiting for their flight and likely nose down into their devices. It also promotes their business class.

This is smart digital marketing in the era of technologyTargeting Young people-Youth passAir france Youth loyalty card  is to provide discounts on flights to young travellers aged 12 to 24 years and it normally costs €49 ($52).Air France through its recent campaign has tried to target young people and promote its Youth pass loyality cardAir France has launched campaign ” Run to Mum”. It has done unusual partnership with sneaker brand and streetwear retailer to promote its brand and attract young crowd. Airlines has team up with Adidas and Citadium to elevate a campaign to a whole new level.Air France is encouraging parents to buy the new 2017 Adidas EQT Support ADV sneakers for their kids who live in a different city and get the card for free.

The catch to this Run to Mum promotion is that only send one shoe to the young person. To reclaim the other sneaker in the pair, he or she needs to fly home to mum and dad, which they can then do at a discount because the shoe box also contains a Youth Pass.The campaign was created by agency Les Gaulois in Paris, was running  at Citadium’s store in Caumartin. Parents can  buy the Adidas shoes, which retail from €119.95 ($128), on the Run to Mum microsite.

Young Adidas fans visiting the campaign microsite can also drop hints to their parents about which sneakers they would prefer by emailing them or sharing the details with the Facebook message ‘Mum, I miss you. Make me run home.’ While the airline is drumming home the message that mum and dad really want you to come home, it’s also dangling a juicy prize in front of you to make sure you do so. Air France’s target group for its Youth Pass is obviously young people, but instead of reaching out to them directly, the airline decided to use their parents.

Thus, Air France has come up with its own unique way to promote Youth Pass and in fact is exactly thinking like millennial to promote brands amongst them. That’s what is the basics of your marketing put yourself in shoes of your customer to sell your product to  them.Air France new project- Joon Airlines When U.S. carriers tried to appeal to Millennial customers and compete with the dread ULCCs (ultra-low cost carriers), they roll out basic Economy fares. In Europe, it seems that for the majors to compete with the likes of Ryanair, Norwegian Airlines and WOW, they roll out whole new airlines.That’s been the strategy of British Airways, with their Level spinoff.

Now Air France has targeted the fickle Millennial flyer as well, with Joon. As per Air France press release this  name was chosen to “illustrate a positive state of mind”. It also emphasized that Joon will be one of Air France’s priorities in order to win back market share.Joon, to be based at Charles DeGaulle Airport in Paris, is set to begin flying this December. It will launch with short jaunts in Airbus A320s from France to Barcelona and Berlin, as well as Lisbon and Porto, Portugal.

The first long-distance flights (on bigger A340s and A350s) are tentatively set for the Seychelles and the Brazilian beach city of Fortaleza. One of the airline’s many taglines is “the new generation travel experience.” No, that doesn’t mean “cheap, cramped and all services are extra-cost.”Instead, Joon is aiming at the supposed Millennial lifestyle revolving around digital technology. Joon’s in-flight entertainment, YouJoon, will give customers access to in-flight entertainment that will stream on their own smartphones, tablets and laptops, according to AirlineGeeks. And for phone-obsessed Millennial, all seats will also be equipped with USB ports to allow in-flight charging of electronic devices.

Gizmodo claims that Joon will further up the electronic ante with VR headsets for in-flight entertainment. Surprise destinations and Airbnb experiences are also promised.Even cabin crew uniforms seem inspired by Silicon Valley startups.

Joon flight attendants will be as authentically Millennial as the passengers, in white sneakers, electric blue polo shirts and sweaters made of recycled fabrics. Time can only tell whether its new attempt in again very creative way will bring back its share.ConclusionIn looking at Air France marketing campaign we can surely say one thing that Air France is very creative in its campaign and is taking marketing to another level. It exactly knows what exactly can catch customer’s attention and is trying to market focussed around it, from experience of French culture onboard to safety demonstration, youth pass campaign and now all together new airline. This  airlines has some brilliant strategies and exactly knows its mission, its market segment thus targeting and positioning product. Q3 market segmentationMarket segmentation is a marketing term referring to the aggregating of prospective buyers into groups, or segments, that have common needs and respond similarly to a marketing action. Market segmentation enables companies to target different categories of consumers who perceive the full value of certain products and services differently from one another.

Market segmentation is an extension of market research that seeks to identify targeted groups of consumers for the purpose of tailoring products and branding in a way that is attractive to the group. The objective of market segmentation is to minimize risk to the company by determining which products have the best chances for gaining a share of a given target market, and determining the best way to deliver the products to the market. This allows the company to increase its overall efficiency by focusing its limited resources on efforts that produce the best return on investment. The segments created are composed of consumers who will respond similarly to marketing strategies and who share traits such as similar interests, needs, or locations.Markets can be segmented in a number of ways: geographically by region or area; demographically by age, gender, family size, income or life cycle; psychographically by social class, life style or personality; or behaviorally by benefit, uses or response. The objective is to enable the company to differentiate its products or message according to the common dimensions of the market segment.


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