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Commoncauses bleeding from the mouth is damage to a tooth and cuts around the mouthlining, lips or the tongue. The aim of giving first aid is to control severebleeding, if large amount of blood get swallow, vomiting can occur and if bloodget inhaled, resulting choking.•CONTROL BLEEDING••Ask the victim to sit and place his headbending forward•By this blood can drain into the bowl,which the victim has been provided•Apply gauze pad onto a wound and put agreat pressure, to stop bleeding•MONITOR WOUND••If the bleeding continues. Change thegauze and apply pressure with that for 10 minutes•Guide the victim too to spit rather thanswallowNOSEBLEEDBloodvessels reside inside the nostrils get ruptured that lead to nose bleeding.Causes of bleeding include sneezing or blowing the nose.

When the blood vesselsget fragile, nose bleed occur due to flu or bouts of cold. The aim of first aidis to control the bleeding and feel the victim comfort.•CONTROLBLEEDING•Ask the victim to sit with her headleaning forward, put a bowl in front of the victim•Pinch the victim’s nose just belowthe bridge and ask her to breathe through the mouth, if a victim is adult,allow the victim to pinch by herself•ASSESSSITUATION•Pinch the nose till 10 minutes•If bleeding could not stop, applypressure for another 10 minutes•If bleeding could not stop afterapplying 30 minutes of pressure, take the victim to the hospital•CLEANVICTIM•If bleeding get stopped, clean thevictim with lukewarm water and ask the victim leaning forward•Allow the victim to take rest•Do not allow the victim to blow hernose as the blowing of clot could get disturbWhen there iselectrical disturbance in the brain occur with muscular spasm and loss of bodycontrol resulting major seizure or convulsion can be said. Major seizure indicatesbrain disorder epilepsy.

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The aim of providing first aid is to protect thevictim herself from any kind of injury and in that time period, medical adviceshould be necessary•MONITOR THE VICTIM•If the victim get sleep immediately afterthe seizure, check the breathing by opening the airway, be ready forresuscitation too•If the victim is taking breath normally,place her in position of recoverySIGNS & SYMPTOMSØ Body get stiff with domed back andconstrict jawØ Hazardous shakingØ Seizure leading to sleepØ Eyes get rolled to upwards


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