Commercial to men across all cultures globally. The

Commercial advertisementsare specifically designed to woe-prospected consumers of a certain product intopurchasing given item through the manipulation of their cognitive processing. Understanding a targetmarket’s traits regarding consumption habits, perception and the prevailingenvironmental trends form the basis for the development of productadvertisements that appeal to the customers. Impulse buying is a special modelof consumer behavior, and it is a common problem for many people. The reasonfor this pattern of behavior is the capitalization of visual literacy of anenterprise; it affects consumers and the consumption of products, whichotherwise would be considered unnecessary. This paper will analyze the ChivasRegal Premium Scotch Whisky advertisement to determine its revelation about thesociety by considering the demographics, image, text, and colors in theadvertisement.

Inadvertising, demographics includes the orientation of a product orservice to a certain part of society with similar characteristics. This Whiskyad was utilized in an international men’s magazine Maxim, which has ademographic that appeals to men across all cultures globally. The marketers ofany product have a predetermined gender target in their plans when designingadvertisements. In this advertisement, the image has a message written, “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife.Unless she’s irresistible.” Anothertext “when you know” is above the whisky bottle in the image.  The text in the Whisky advertisement; also,has a clear indication of the intended gender. The message that one should notcovet his neighbor’s wife which Biblical is aimed at men as women cannot coveta neighbors wife.

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The advertisement of the whisky is designed, and the messagein it has men as its primary market. Consumers have a high tendency ofreflecting themselves when presented with an advertisement image. While theaspect of racial inclination might not inform the design of an advertisementimage, identification based on race by a product, company or marketing strategycan work in favor or against the market performance of a product.

Scotchwhiskey advertisement is not explicit on racial identification as the messagein the advertisement is Biblical and Christianity is identified with almost allraces except the Arabian and Asian races.Visual rhetoric is imminent in theadvertisement. Companies and product marketers use images to create an argumentand pass a message about the item being advertised to the consumers. Analyzingan advertisement image revolves around the context, audience and its purpose.The whisky advertisement image comprises of a bed set-up with bed covers andpillows visible but in black and white visual effects. The bottle of the whiskyis to the edge of the image with clear writings of the whisky name on agolden-yellow background. The color mixture and the items on the Whisky advertisement composes the context of the image.

The purpose of the Whisky advertisement is to sell the alcoholic product. Theaudience of the advertisement is profoundly men who consume whisky. TheBiblical text in the image extends the audience of the marketing strategy toinclude Christian believers. The bed in the image is a representation of peace,and the golden-yellow background beyond the whisky bottle is a depiction ofelegance in the product. The image is relaying a lot of information about theproduct as well as the target consumers.

The text in an advertisement seeks to passa message by arousing emotions, memories, and feelings from the target audiencein the process creating an appeal towards the consumption of the underlyingproduct (Eilam, 12). A consumer has to identify with the text in an image forthe perceived meaning to create interest and capture attention. The texts havea goal of passing information on the product as well as the target market. Whiskyadvertisement image contains texts with different meanings. The biblical quotein the image is meant to sanctify the notion that alcohol drinking isassociated with evil. Also the message, “Drink Responsibly. (But you knowthat)” in the advertisement is a show of perceived maturity in the customers.

The text that “When you know” above the bottle is a creation of the notion onethere is a lot to attain from drinking the Chivas Regal PremiumScotch Whisky. The texts in the image compliment the color and thecontext of the advertisement to pass a comprehensive message.Color is associated with an emotional attachmentthat affects people’s perceptions towards situations. The tone in the Whiskycolor combination sets an ambiance of maturity, stability, and elegance. Thegolden color is associated with high value and sophistication.

The black andwhite effects on one side of the image create the notion of old age, whichbrings a perception of originality in the product. The choice of dull colorscreates a feeling of silence and tranquility in the consumption of ChivasRegal Premium Scotch Whisky.The driving elements in the choice of colors in image are the intended mood aswell as attraction to be created in the target audience. Unsaturated colorstend to pull one into close concentration on the image content while brightcolors tend to shout its intended message. The Whisky Advertisement has thepart with the Whisky bottle marked with bright colors on the text and thebackground as well. The Whisky is depicted as the center of concentration theadvertisement should attain.

Visual literacy is the driving element inthe design and representation of advertisement images. The content and themanner of representation of the message in an image ought to appeal to theintended viewers and elicit the expected reactions. Advertisements are based onthe creation of reason, emotional appeal and the depiction of the item beingadvertised as desirable. The Whisky advert used text, color and image contextto ensure that the intended message is attained by the consumers of alcohol.The representation of the Chivas Regal Premium Scotch Whisky as quality andcross-cultural with the target consumer as men is a depiction of how visualcommunication can be utilized in product advertisement.

The profound element inadvertisement image design is the understanding of the target audience for theintended message. 


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