The organizational resources The most important resource that

The mission of Command Spanish is to provide high quality occupational Spanish language and cross-cultural training and training programs to English-speakers throughout the Grand Valley. Command Spanish offers a service that will equip businesses with desperately needed job-related Spanish-language training which will allow the businesses to better understand its Spanish speaking customers. The current marketing goal of Command Spanish is to increase communication among businesses and its Spanish speaking customers. Increased communication will allow companies to provide better customer service and improve safety for Spanish speaking people. Current marketing objectives are to spread awareness of its occupational Spanish classes and convey the need the business community has for this service because of the increasing Spanish speaking population of the Grand Valley. These goals and objectives are consistent with the mission of Command Spanish and the increasing demographic shift of Hispanics has created a stronger need for occupational Spanish classes in the Grand Valley.

Command Spanish is relatively new to the Grand Valley and little marketing has been done; advertising has mostly consisted of word of mouth promotion.

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Review of current marketing strategy and performance

Command Spanish has a strong product to offer the Grand Valley as many businesses have noticed its customer base expanding in Spanish speaking people. The marketing strategy has not yet been carried out, and therefore, this is little awareness of Command Spanish in the community. There are few direct competitors and the quality of service offered by Command Spanish creates an advantage over competitors in the market.

The customers have confidence with the service they are provided due to the constant communication between the instructor and client. Channels of distribution for the occupational Spanish classes are one-on-one or group classroom settings or through the Internet. The instructor uses various resources including aid books and audio CDs to enhance the service delivery and to benefit clients.

Current and anticipated organizational resources

The most important resource that Command Spanish has is the experience and knowledge that the instructor possesses of the Spanish language. The instructor is nationally certified as a Command Spanish Certified Instructor and has taught the Spanish language for over 15 years. Command Spanish also invest financial resources in research and design to develop new courses to meet demands for customers in many different industries. Currently Command Spanish has around twenty different courses and new ones are constantly being added.

Moreover, Command Spanish has recently created a new and innovative e-Training program which is based on Command Spanish’s exclusive, revolutionary Language Power-Lock System. It claims that the “seven brain-compatible, interactive processes” unites to provide contextualized, purposeful learning opportunities. It employs an integrated “switchback method” to engage the learner through visual, auditory, and psychomotor pathways. This is an effective system for the learning and long-term retention of practical Spanish language for the workplace because the interactive learning processes is easy and user-friendly ( It is anticipated that resources for new courses and innovative e-Training programs will continue to be a priority of the organization.

On the other hand, resources for marketing budget have been limited and are not likely to increase.

Customer Environment

Current and Potential Customers

The customers or potential customers for Command Spanish’s services are any corporate or government entities that do, or may in the future, do business with or employ Spanish speaking people. These customers are non-Spanish speaking people in the workforce. Potential or current customers either work or have businesses in the Grand Valley and desire to have job-related communication with their Spanish speaking customers or employees.

Most of these customers do not feel it is necessary to be fluent in the Spanish language in order to improve their business, but would benefit from knowing at least the Spanish language that is work related. Other customers may purchase this service because they do not have the time to learn more than the amount of Spanish that simply allows for job related communication. The language classes that Command Spanish teach eliminate the tedious grammar instruction found in most other language programs.

Customer Needs

Command Spanish offers many different courses for customers and are able to customize for each business including those businesses in the construction industry, financial institutions, schools, health industry, law enforcement, retail sales, those interested in Spanish for basic workforce or travel, and the community. Construction supervisors can benefit from the Command Spanish classes because miscommunication can cost time and money; with occupational Spanish language training, supervisors can communicate expectations and maintain a safe work environment. Financial institutions such as banks, loan offices, and insurance companies can adequately communicate with Spanish speaking customers by learning common phrases in determining transactions such as deposits, withdrawals, or cashing checks. The health industry can also better assist the Spanish speaking community from Command Spanish classes. The courses offered in relation to the health industry include hospital nurses, medical office nurses, physicians, emergency medical services, physical therapy, respiratory therapist, dentist, and dental hygienist.

Each course is tailored more specifically to the business. For example, the nurses and physicians learn Spanish that pertains to calming patients, initial assessments, routine in-bed and out-of-bed procedures, and taking vitals or collecting blood or urine samples. Physical therapists learn Spanish that helps them communicate body position, basic physical commands and physical treatment. Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) are trained to communicate with Spanish-speaking persons in order to make an initial assessment of the situation upon arriving at the scene, determine the main complaint, gather a history of any existing health issues, communicate body commands to make assessment and treatment and acquire patient identification for the request or refusal of transport permission. School teachers that have periodic interaction with Spanish speaking students can better handle the classroom with knowledge of classroom management phrases, and general instruction management phrases. It is also advantageous for them to know some of the basics such as greetings, numbers and the alphabet. Librarians can better assist with simple phrases of checking out books and directions on how to use catalog finder.

Retail sales employees would greatly benefit from being able to communicate matters dealing with the register such as returns, exchanges, refunds, credit card transactions and numbers.

Customer Purchase Patterns

Customers who purchase Command Spanish services are typically the managers of the company who recognize that their employees could better suit customers with the knowledge of key job related Spanish language. Employees may influence the purchase decision of Command Spanish by requesting this type of training.

Other customers include managers or supervisors who need to communicate to their employees such as in many construction companies. Many companies have money set aside in a training budget that would cover this investment. Because Command Spanish instructors have the ability to adjust courses to be appropriate for each customer, the length and number of classes to schedule can be negotiated to fit around the business’s schedule. Command Spanish provides a common phrase sheet and other supplemental information in a packet and it is important for the students to use it to practice what they have learned.

Instructors also offer for students to call in the future if they have any questions or additional products may be purchased such as books and CDs from Command Spanish website. These products can be purchased directly off the Internet or through Command Spanish instructors. As more Spanish speaking people move into the Grand Valley, more businesses will realize the need for Command Spanish services. Social perceptions of the need to accommodate for the Spanish speaking population may also increase demand. Command Spanish currently does not do promotional events and most marketing has been through advertising of word of mouth.

Command Spanish bases price on the length of the class and number of students. Due to the poor economy, Command Spanish instructors have worked with many customers on price and been able to provide a discount for large classes. Customers select Command Spanish classes because it is differentiated from traditional Spanish speaking training programs. It is efficient in meeting the company’s needs with training that is customized specifically to each occupation and then personalized through Command Spanish’s classes. It is also unique in the sense that Command Spanish has done extensive research to put together dialogs and phrases that will by widely recognized among all Spanish dialects. Cross-cultural training is also addressed in the occupational Spanish language classes for English-speakers.

Command Spanish adequately meets the needs of customers that are looking for occupational Spanish classes as opposed to being fluent in the language and Command Spanish classes are faster and less expensive than learning the entire Spanish language. Most competitors offer courses or products that teach the Spanish language in a broad scope instead of occupational based. The demand for occupational Spanish is expected to increase in the near future as the number of Spanish speaking persons increase. Customers can develop long term relationships with Command Spanish instructors since they have the opportunity to call whenever they have questions. Command Spanish instructors can further this long term relationship by calling customers to touch base on how they are doing with the Command Spanish. It can be very beneficial for Command Spanish to stay in contact with previous customers to show that interest in customer success with the product. Furthermore, it can also keep their perception of Command Spanish high which could possibly lead to word of mouth promotion for Command Spanish.

Rationale of Noncustomers

Noncustomers may not know Command Spanish classes exist.

Others may not purchase the product because they do not realize how much their ability to communicate to Spanish speaking customers could improve their business. Especially in this economy, some companies that realize they have a need might not purchase Command Spanish’s services because they cannot afford it. Companies that already have an employee fluent in Spanish may not see a need for other employees to know any Spanish. With the Spanish speaking population rising, many firms find it necessary to seek out an employee that can communicate fully to their Spanish speaking customers. However, hiring cost can be expensive and even companies with employees fluent in Spanish may be able to meet the rising demand by having their English-speaking employees trained in Command Spanish to avoid hiring costs of another fluent Spanish speaking employee. Awareness of Command Spanish classes can gain customers that do not know about his services. Furthermore, educating customers on what Command Spanish offers through the classes and the direct benefit it can have on the business can change the perceptions for those businesses who may not think they need it.

The External Environment

Direct Competition

Within the Grand Valley the only major direct competition for Command Spanish, is Spanish Now, located at 203 Grand Ave, Grand Junction, CO.

Spanish Now is a business which offers fast and easy Spanish lessons to the general public as well as business groups (Spanish Now, 2009). There are four level courses available to take; each course builds on the previous one. Each course focuses on teaching everyday conversational needs. Each level course is 16 hours long and occurs two days a week. There is a $10 registration fee and each course runs from $150 to $160.

Spanish Now also offers a business course where a company can gather up to eight people in a group and learn Spanish based on their business needs (2009). Everyone must take a level one course and then a course will be set up for their specific needs. Cost depends on the location of the class but can start as low as $40 an hour.

Spanish Now also offers private lessons, lessons for children, special courses and well as a translation service. Customers are able to go to the Spanish Now facility register and takes classes there. They have also built a website where customers can view their services and are given instructions on how to register.

They can also be contacted by email (2009). Profluent (2009-2011) can also be considered a direct competition for Command Spanish. Profluent not only teaches Spanish to employees dealing with the Spanish speaking population, but they also teach Spanish to those who need to be able to communicate between employees. Profluent teaches Spanish using a “Total Physical Response” method, which encourages the use of body language to “act out” the commands, that way they learn the language mentally as well as physically (Profluent, 2011).

Profluent has two courses and each course is 18 hours long and $199.99. Profluent is not a local competitor, but they send instructors to wherever they are needed. The only way they market their services is through word of mouth as well as their website. Someone may also become a consultant for Profuluent and earn commission to help spread the word (Profluent, 2011).

Online Competition

As more and more people gravitate to online resources, major competitions for Command Spanish are the thousands of websites that offer Spanish lessons. Many of these websites are also free. Customers can learn Spanish in the privacy of their own homes and at their convenience.

The target market for these classes includes anyone who wants to learn Spanish and has access to a computer and the Internet to do so. The major marketing done for these online lessons are through its websites, on-line companies are dependant on people who want to learn Spanish and turn to the Internet themselves for help. Online Spanish lessons, however, lack the one-on-one contact between the instructor; Command Spanish incorporates conversations between students.

Language Learning Software

Visual Link Spanish is another competitor for Command Spanish.

Visual Link Spanish has sold over 130 countries around the world and is currently being taught in corporations, government agencies, and universities. The language is learned in themes, which include “Basic Needs”, “Location”, “Survival Expression”, and “Communication”. Each Spanish word is then linked to a moving image to help store the word in the brain. The words are then broken down into groups and chosen to form sentences. This is a much faster and easier way of learning Spanish.

Visual Link offers 11 free online lessons. Visual Links also has a course on workplace Spanish. By using the program employees are able to learn full sentences related to their business and are able to communicate to customers. Visual Links Workplace Spanish course teaches employees to ask and answer questions from customers. Companies are also able to a personalized “Workplace Spanish” module created. The course includes two CD-ROMS with interactive computer lessons, 10 audio CDs to review what has been learned and a conversational manual to practice anywhere.

Visual Link also offers the whole course on a MP# player. Prices vary depending on the order. Rosetta Stone (1999-2011) is another competitor for Command Spanish. Rosetta Stone provides software to help one learn a new language as well as incorporating the Internet.

They believe in the natural method of teaching a new language, no translation just direct language. They also believe that is should be fun and easy. Rosetta Stone targets its products to several different types of people. They offer five different categories for learning a foreign language, personal, governmental, corporate, educational, as well as home school (Rosetta Stone, 2011). Rosetta Stone markets online, in stores, as well as through TV advertising. They are a multimillion dollar company and are the “leading language-learning software in the world,” (Rosetta Stone,1999- 2011). Their Marketing budget far exceeds anything Command Spanish could compete with.

They provide Kiosks in malls and have knowledgeable sales reps available to customers. The closest Kiosk to Grand Junction, CO is in Denver. Prices vary upon location.

Those who Speak Spanish

Although Command Spanish teaches Spanish, another competitor would be those in Grand Junction who are already capable of communicating with the Spanish speaking population while on the job. Many businesses through the Grand Valley look to hire those who are fluent in Spanish, because of the savings on training for each employee, as well as the potential of losing customers because employees are unable to communicate. Within these businesses, it is possible that they may only have one or two bilingual employees, so incorporating lessons to all employees would allow for more convenience not only to customers, but within the business as well. Some businesses may market to through its advertisements, billboards or signs within the community, that it has bilinguals on staff. This competes with Command Spanish in an indirect way because these businesses are not teaching Spanish they are merely informing the public that they have Spanish speaking employees for customer convenience and don’t need the services offered by Command Spanish.

Economic Growth and Stability

Mesa County and Grand Junction are still trying to recover from the 2007 recession and it was not until 2009 that the recession took a toll on Mesa County. The decline in oil and gas industry had a large effect on the rest of the county. Due to oversupply and decreasing prices, many commercial businesses have taken dramatic hits. According to the Department of Labor and Employment, Mesa County has been projected to grow on average of .

7% from 2009 to 2019. New job openings has been estimated to reach about 779 per year and replacement job openings is estimated at 1, 467 per year. By 2019, general employment for Mesa County is to reach 71, 284 jobs (Department, 1998-2011). Command Spanish focuses on teaching Spanish to businesses to be able to communicate better to the Spanish speaking population.

As long as there are customers who mainly speak Spanish, there will be a market for this type of business. Spanish has become the unofficial second language of the United States. This requires more employees to understand and communicate with the Spanish speaking population. More than 40 million Hispanics live in the US today and that number continues to grow every year. This trend is creating demand for Spanish speaking employees (Bilingual? 2007). Banks, Mortgages, Hospitals and retail companies are all experiencing demand for Spanish speaking employees. Rather than only being able to hire one or two bilingual employees, companies can pay a much smaller amount to have everyone on their staff communicating with the Spanish speaking population.

Command Spanish’s customers are optimistic about the economy because they are putting forth a better service for their customers and adding value to their businesses. Businesses that spend money on their employees are enhancing their products or services in order to gain a better return. By teaching their employees Spanish, these businesses are also engaging in a wider range of customers which can lead to higher profits because more of the population is purchasing there services. Selling goods and services to multicultural markets is now requiring that more and more employees become familiar with other languages. As the Hispanic population grows, so does their buying power. Despite the recession the Hispanic buying power has been estimated to grow to $1.3 trillion in 2014 (“U.

S. Directory”, 2006). If companies are wishing to gain more profits from these consumers, they must learn to adapt to their needs.

Political Trends

The biggest political issues that could affect Command Spanish are the changes in immigration laws. As of now, Visas cannot be re-issued in the United States.

H-1B work Visa which allows the holder with a Bachelor’s Degree to work in the United States for up to 6 years has reached its limit and no more of these are being offered for this fiscal year (Madison, 2011). Many immigrants also fear laws, like the one passed in Arizona, which allow police to check for legal status, will soon pass in other states as well. More immigrants may stay in hiding to avoid being deported, which can reduce the need to communicate with Spanish speaking customers. Fortunately, even with immigration being limited, the Hispanic population continues to grow with higher birth rates as immigrants are younger today (El Nasser, 2008). Command Spanish is a small company in the Grand Valley, so political influence from the company is not likely.

Legal and Regulatory Issues

Command Spanish is a licensed provider of Command Spanish. The instructors is certified to teach the materials offered by the Command Spanish Company. The legal issues concerning Command Spanish would be copyright infringement. Instructors or other companies may not take credit for the materials being used in any course or provide services to another instructor’s exclusive area of operation. Instructors must maintain a current license to teach. Currently there are no international marketing, therefore changes in global trade agreements or laws do not affect these opportunities.

Technological Advances

Today customers are able to receive Spanish lessons from many different venues.

There are online websites with interactive lessons, as well as a huge variety of cd-rom software and several different teaching methods. Videoconferences and webinars have also aided in the distribution options in teaching and learning Spanish lessons.

Sociocultural Trends

In 2009, 15.8% of the US population was made up of Hispanic and Latino Americans. The United States Census population projected that in 2010 that number would rise to 16% and by 2050 it would be at roughly 30% (“Demographics”, 2011). In 2009, 9% Hispanics accounted for 9.

1% of the total United States’s buying power and have a combined disposable income of $978 billion buy 2014 their buying power will top $1.3 trillion (U.S. Directory of Latina Owned Businesses, 2006). More and more businesses are finding bilingual employees to be very valuable. Financial Institutions, private banks, the insurance industry, and companies dealing with consumer goods are most interested in Spanish speaking professions (Rigoli, E.

, 2007). With the buying power of Hispanics increasing, more and more consumer goods are being translated into Spanish as well. For example, labels on food packaging and many directions are printed in both English and Spanish.

Furthermore, the self-checkouts at the grocery stores have an option button for Spanish and automated phone services have the option to listen to selections in Spanish. Businesses are beginning to understand that today Spanish is becoming America’s second language and rather than just a courtesy to those who do not speak English, it has now become a necessity to accommodate for Spanish speaking customers. The attitude of the general population towards immigration and the adaptation of the Spanish language have been debated for years.

While many feel that it is a good thing to accommodate for Spanish speaking people to allow many people from different backgrounds to communicate better with day to day activities, there are also many who feel if these individuals are going to live in America, then they should learn English. If marketed right, expanding knowledge of another language may prove to be a great thing. Not only is it convenient for customers, but for the employees as well.

Companies that are able to adhere to the Hispanic population’s needs and become more marketable, as well as more profitable because they attracting more customers to their businesses.

SWOT analysis

Quantitative Assessment of the SWOT matrix for Command Spanish MIR MIRStrengthsOpportunitiesCustomized classes to meet individual business’ needs to create exceptional customer service339Demographic shift increases the Spanish speaking population in the Grand Valley which increases the need for occupational Spanish339Instructor is nationally certified339Rising buying power of Hispanic population326Wide variety of classes offered with over 20 categories of occupations to choose from326Chamber of Commerce is accepting memberships which provides marketing and networking in the business community224Learning made easy and effective through phonetic teaching style339Create long term relationships with customers through communication122Instructor has high knowledge base and over 15 years of Spanish teaching experience236Advanced technology enhances teaching and learning capabilities and opportunity to hold webinars or video classes212On-site training saves on travel costs of customers224Inventory is easily attainable212Classes are easy to schedule with the instructor because they have a flexible schedule133Instructor is well known in community and have good reputations212New and innovative Language Power-lock System revolutionizes language e-Training212TOTAL50TOTAL25MIR MIRWeaknessesThreatsCustomer awareness is low-33-9Poor Economy-33-9Customers may perceive classes to be too costly-32-6Competitors-33-9No marketing image-21-2Many companies hire bilinguals instead of paying for current employee training-32-6Limited financial resources for marketing budget-21-2Local businesses may need corporate approval before they can make decision for the training classes-22-4New immigration laws may stop or reduce increasing number of Spanish speaking people-21-2Free online Spanish teaching services-21-2TOTAL-19TOTAL-32


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