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Interpersonalcommunication in marriage is unlike any other circumstances. Couples may oftenfind that the types of things they need to communicate about in marriage aredifferent than previously in their lives, so they can struggle to communicateeffectively with their partners.Goodcommunication helps couples build togetherness from the very beginning ofmarriage, so being set up for success will be the first step in effectivelyresolving stresses in early marriage and beyond.1.

    How would you like your partner to tell you (and showyou) that you are appreciated?2.    What is your favorite thing about the communicationbetween you and your partner?3.    What most bothers you about the current way you andyour partner communicate?4.    How would you like your partner to bring up thingsthat he or she would like you to change about how to speak or act? 5.    List some things your partner does that have made it challengingto share yourself with him / her.

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Are there anything you might do in return tomake it challenging for your partner to do the same?6.    What is something you have been reluctant to discusswith your partner until now?7.     Talk aboutwhat you think your communication style is. Do you think you and your partnerhave the same communication styles? Why or why not?8.     How do youthink forgiveness will function or matter in your marriage? Is forgiveness somethingyou find easy to give? How difficult is it for you to provide forgiveness tosomeone after they hurt you?1.

        Have you ever noticedinstances of command communication tendencies exhibited by the other person? Ifso, how do you feel that affected theconversation?


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