Comedy what they watch on comedy sitcoms

Comedy sitcoms over the years have centered on characters who share a common environment, such as a home or workplace, with humorous scripts. Most of the episodes are a powerful object of a viewer’s perception that will penetrate our lives, impact our view of the world and build the way we comprehend the real world. Many comedy sitcoms have exploited women in variants of humor, themes, and situations that have engaged the audience. The idea of famous characters is practical in showing how sitcoms control function in the impact and development of our daily lives. These famous characters also exhibit parts on comedy sitcoms through its energy and power to influence the lives of young people.

These comedy sitcoms are vital to our way of life in light of the way it rolls out how our youthful grown-ups see themselves for they believe what they watch on comedy sitcoms is how they should look, dress and behave in today’s society.A majority of comedy sitcoms today has become a peer to our youth bombarding them with extreme and sometimes unattainable images of the “perfect body”.

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