Colonialism expression of his friend, answered: “My

Colonialism AllegoryIn the year 1812 of the holy elephant calendar, an elephant worker befriended a mouse. One day, there was a storm, and the elephant went to his friend, who lived in a hut at the edge of the town. “Mr.

Mouse, will you allow me enter your hut as to avoid this horrible downpour?”The mouse, seeing the troubled expression of his friend, answered: “My hut is small, I’m afraid there is room only room for myself and your trunk. Please insert your trunk gently.” “I thank you for your kindness, I shall one day return this favour.” said the elephant.But elephant then proceeded to throw his trunk into the hut, and forced his head inside, flinging the mouse outside into the rain. The elephant then lay down inside the hut comfortably.

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“My friend, you have fur, and there is not enough room for both of us. You can sit in the rain while I stay warm inside.” The mouse, seeing what his friend had done to him, started to shout! The animals heard the noise and came to watch. They gathered listening to the heated argument between the mouse and the elephant. As the argument began to escalate, the Mayor elephant arrived, “I am the mayor of this town. Who dares disturb the peace?”Upon hearing this, the elephant, who was an advisor of the mayor, replied in a calm voice, “Mr.

Mayor, there is no disturbance. I am simply having a discussion with this mouse of the possession of this hut, which I am clearly occupying.” The Mayor, who fought for “order and peace”, commanded, “I command my cabinet to appoint a Commission of Enquiry which will thoroughly investigate this case and report accordingly.” He then turned to the mouse and said: “You have done well by establishing friendship with my people. Argue no more, for your hut is not lost. Wait until the day of the hearing, and you will be given plenty of opportunities to state your case.

I am sure that you will be pleased with the findings of the commission.”


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