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College is a rite of passage for any young person, but it doesn’t mean that the transition from high school to college will be anything but hard. Researchers have studied that high school students are more likely to be unprepared than ready for high school. When going to college, a young adult most remembers and acknowledge all of the aspects that come when attending college. These different aspects of the college experience may include being social with other students, performing well in academics, and having personal time for yourself.
When going to college, being social is an essential aspect of feeling satisfied with your college experience. However, being social should not include staying up all night and partying, because then your grades would suffer. Being social in college means getting outside of your comfort zone and getting out with other students that share your interests and beliefs. Also, when being social with students you can take a break from studying to have fun. There needs to be a balance between social and studying time. However, the college experience can be filled with fun adventures and memories. Osward Clark writes “that when going to college you need to remember to have friends.”
When attending college you want to make your dorm or place of living feeling like a home by getting involved with activities and meeting new people. If you are being social you are more likely to stay in school and feel happy. The MCPHS(2018) website states that college can be a “home away from home for students, by getting involved in a variety of ways including hall council, fun activities, holiday celebrations, and many more activities. Make college feel more like home will help you want to stay enrolled and involved. Also, while attending events and activities a college student will feel further connected to other students at the school, making them feel that they are truly in a home away from home.
College can be a great place to meet new friends and associations at activities associated with the university. Many colleges sponsor activities to help students feel social and meet other students around them. In fact, college graduates that attend social events are more likely to feel happy and motivated. Attending college is hard, but when you are involved and having positive interactions with other college students, it can take off the stress of the academic part of a school.
Compared to high school, one may receive a greater amount of school work or study from their classes in college. A college student must learn to be responsible for their entire academic progress and grades. In fact, future college students must be aware that they will not have a teacher that will be calling their parents if they are not completing their assignments or failing their tests. They will not have a teacher that will attend to their every call. A college student will be provided with a professor to teach them the material, and only be available for questions during their office hours, which are stated in their syllabus.

When attending college, most teachers or professors do not assign homework or worksheets. In fact, (2013) says, “In college, your test and major papers are usually most of your major grade.” These papers, projects, and tests are for your grade and for you to receive your credit for the class, so it is important for a college student to take each assignment or test very seriously.
Just like in high school, there is a variety of options and ways for a student to get help with their classes. In college, classes may become quite difficult, but there are many ways for a student to get help. A student can contact their professor or come during office hours for seeking guidance and help with the material. Also, academic tutoring and peer monitoring may be available for students in order for them to improve their academic performance.
While attending college, a student must take control of their own education. In fact, (2013) says, “take control of your own education, and think of yourself as a scholar.” In college, one may have a large workload or be taking a full load of credits. However, a student must advocate for themselves and be serious about their education. If a student is struggling with the material, they must take control and find help. College can be a stressful experience, but if a student is organized and proactive with their academics, they can be successful and obtain their credits and get good grades.
When a student is attending college, they need to focus on taking time out and finding themselves as an adult. In fact, one out five college students is diagnosed with depression or anxiety in their first year of college. Doctors’ state that many students are stressed out and focused on their projects, tests, and essays due and becoming sleep deprived in the process. Also, many college students become lonely, because they are not focusing on themselves and what makes them happy.
A college student also must be involved and taking part in self-care while attending. When a student is taking care of themselves, then they are happy and feeling proud of who they are. Some ways a college can take care of themselves is by reading a good book that is not required for class, taking a warm bath, and listening to some of their favorite music.
A college student must focus on themselves and always put themselves first in order to have a good experience while attending school. However, if a student does show signs of anxiety or depression, they must seek counseling and professional help. Most colleges and universities have a counselor on campus for guidance and support for troubled students.
A student must practice time management in college. Many students can become stressed out when not managing their time and creating a good balance between school, work, and personal time. Many students will become frustrated because they procrastinate and put their school work and studying off. In college, a student must learn how to manage their time. A student must find time to study their class material and having fun with friends. One way a student can become more organized is getting and using a planner to help them schedule and plan for upcoming events and assignments due. Students can also plan out their schedule for the week, and create time for the most important things that need to happen in order for them to be successful in school. By using a planner, a student can become less stressed and more organized.
Learning to grown up and be on your own is all part of the college experience. In fact, writes “the transition from high school to college can be a complex time filled with growth opportunities for students and their parents.” When going to college, you will not be under your parent’s roof anymore, so a college student must be able to live on their own. A college student must learn how to do their own laundry and cook their own food, which makes them grow up and be independent.
On the website, it reads, “When starting college it is full of changes and opportunities.” In college, one will grow and mature with time and become an adult. During the college experience, a student must learn to focus on themselves to find out who they really are. However, if they have symptoms of anxiety or depression, they need to get help. In college, you need to be the focus on many things and aspects, however, it is necessary for a student must focus on themselves in order to make their college experience positive and successful.
When going to college, a young adult most remembers and acknowledge all of the aspects that come when attending college. These different aspects of the college experience may include being social with other students, performing well in academics, and having personal time for yourself. Finding friends and creating lasting memories, will provide a social experience for any college student. Creating a balance between school, work, and friends will help to build a positive experience. A college student must also focus on finding themselves and determine what direction they need to go. Personal time must be reserved in the schedule to practice new hobbies and talents. The college experience might be a rollercoaster of ups and downs, but if you stay positive, involved, and focused on success, it will last a lifetime.


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