Collaborative if not every social network, for

Collaborative learning isessentially teachers or students working together to solve a problem, create acommon product, or study something. A central question or problem serves toorganize and drive activities, and encourage application, analysis, andsynthesis of course material. While collaborative learning can be supported by varioustypes of technology, they all together can be described as collaboration tools.

The Internet can be used as a toolfor communicating outside the classroom. Students can easily collaborate withpeers across continents or ask questions directly to an expert in their fieldof interest. The multimedia capabilities of the Internet allow students toshare information, stories, artwork, movies, and other productions withmultiple audiences.Communication has many differentforms of the Internet. Every form has its benefits and drawbacks, nonetheless,they all have the same aim – to help connect people wherever they are.EmailThis is one of the most known andunderstandable forms of electronic communication.

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However, emailing is not themost effective type of collaboration, especially when persons write to eachanother at the same time, email thread can be confusing. This form ofelectronic collaboration is not the best option for learners.Instant MessagesInstant message can be found inalmost every if not every social network, for instance, Facebook messenger. Ininstant messengers you can immediately see others’ message, this featurediffers it from email. Instant messenger is closer to real life communicationthan email.Text MessagesAlmost every child has his/her ownmobile phone. Every mobile phone user can use SMS service (Short MessagingService).

SMS can be sent with every mobile phone even without the Internet.WebsitesWeb sites can contain differentinformation and take different forms. Websites are one of the most basicinformation forms on the Internet. The website can contain forums that helpwith communication and even collaboration.

Website differs from otherscommunication methods with the possibility to interact with people from allworld. You and/or your students can start a discussion in the forum and waitfor the answers. Of course, this kind of communication is effective when thediscussion is planned, and all the sides know that it can appear at a certaintime.Graphics Communication can be booted andeven raised with a help of graphic such as photographs, illustrations, maps,charts etc.

Graphics can be created with digital cameras, scanners, specialprograms. Usually graphics are saved in .png, .jpg and .gif formats.AudioAudio on the Internetcan be used in many different ways, for instance, learners may wish to record apodcast of themselves reading their story, poetry.

These records can be placednear their written work on a web page, so visitors can read and hear it. Also,learners can write and record some music that will be played in the background. 


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