Colin in the United States and predominately against

            Colin Kaepernick faces racism becausethroughout this entire process they have changed the entire purpose of hisprotest. People who are against Colin Kaepernick’s protest have created theillusion that Colin Kaepernick is protesting the United States flag and notracism in the justice and police systems. Colin Kaepernick has been subject tohuge amounts of racial slurs, through social media, letters, etc.

The slursused to attack Colin Kaepernick were very racially motivated slurs. The slursreferred to slavery in the United States in the 1800’s. Colin Kaepernick hasreceived death threats from white men across the nation.  It is quite ironic that Colin Kaepernickprotests racist injustice in the United States and ends up being a victim ofracism. These letters have given Colin Kaepernick is physical proof that racismstill exists in the United States and predominately against African-Americanswho interfere with the profits of the bourgeoisie.  Colin Kaepernick has also received tons ofsupport from people across the world.

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Colin Kaepernick is a victim of racialinjustice due to the economic base and capitalistic superstructure that helives in.because he is no longer beneficial to the best interest oftheir company. Colin Kaepernick hurt the profits of the NFL so they exiled himfrom the NFL. No NFL general manager or owner has commented on why ColinKaepernick does not have a job and they insist that he is not being blackballed. Aziz 10    Colin Kaepernicklives in an era in which the base or economic production results in asuperstructure that is capitalistic.

Many of the norms in capitalist society isto accumulate as much wealth as possible and thrive on competition. ColinKaepernick is a part of the proletariat group of people in the world. Half ofthe world’s money is controlled by 1% of the population today.

These people arethe bourgeoisie, or the company and factory owners in the world. The NFL has 32teams, and each team is owned by a billionaire or in Marxist terms, abourgeoisie. Out of the 32 owners in the NFL, only one owner is not a whiteindividual. The only non-white owner has only been an owner since 2011. The NFLhas been around since 1920. It has been almost 100 years before the NFL got anon-white owner.  Colin Kaepernick hasbeen treated like a commodity.

Colin Kaepernick who is a viable option atquarterback in the NFL has not received any phone calls for job offerings afterhis protest. Colin Kaepernick is a victim of racism because there are playerswho are white and statistically worse players than Colin Kaepernick gettingjobs. The bourgeoisie owners have agreed to not sign Colin Kaepernick had many different supports as well as tons of backlash andcriticism.

Some of the viewers of the NFL began to boycott the NFL. The NFL’srating began to plummet and they blamed Colin Kaepernick for the reason. Hebecame unemployed in 2016 because of his protest, when he is perfectly healthyand has a better record of accomplishments than half of the NFL quarterbacksplaying in the NFL in 2017. Colin Kaepernick’s protest did not break any NFL rulesor break any United States laws, but he is still being black balled due toracism. The United States of America in 2017 is in a capitalistic society,where there is private property, free markets, accumulation of wealth, social,and economic classes. Colin Kaepernick is a victim of racism, based on Marxismideology. Aziz 9Colin Kaepernick is a formerNational Foot Ball league quarter back for the San Francisco 49ers. ColinKaepernick has a great track record in the NFL, with a super bowl appearanceand a career NFL QBR rating of 88.

9. In comparison, John Elway, a hall of famequarter back for the Denver Broncos has a career QBR rating 79.9. The higherthe QBR rating the higher the overall play of the quarter back. Colin Kaepernickis an African-American, who has been black balled by the NFL owners, because ofa protest he began. Colin Kaepernick began a protest in which he would kneelduring the national anthem to protest against social injustice in the judicialsystem and police brutality against African-Americans. The protest has Communism is a classless societythat brings a sense of equality to the proletariat and bourgeoisie. Privateproperty and inherited wealth would be abolished in communism.

There would nolonger be capital accumulation in a communist society. Instead, there would besteeply graduated income tax and the government would have control of thebanking, communication, and transport industries. Communism would also requirefree education system for everyone. Karl Marx was angry with how efficientfactories were in producing means, but not how so many of the products producedwere went to waste in capitalism. In a communist society, the total wealth ofthe society would be distributed to everyone in the society.

In a communistsociety, everyone would receive the same amounts of goods as each other. Thefactories are so efficient that no everyone would need to work in a communistsociety. Communism would create more leisure time for everyone and Karl Marxthought leisure time was very important so that people could develop lots ofdifferent parts of their nature. People would be able to be more than onething. They could be a painter, critic, dancer, etc. Using a Marxism ideology,we can see how racism exists in the world of today Aziz 8 Marxism leads to a communistsociety where things, according to Karl Marx are a more balanced and equalsociety. Karl Marx says that “communism is the riddle of history solved, andknows itself to be this solution (Marx, Private Property, and Communism).Communist society in Marxism is the ideal utopian society with no problems.

Acommunist society’s main goal is to serve the majority of the people and notfor the few rich. In the hunter and gathers stage of human civilization, therewas primitive communism. Primitive communism is where the hunters and gatherswould be in groups where they would hunt and share the food throughout thegroup. There was no private property between the members of the hunters as theyall worked together for the common goal. Marx called communism as the “realmovement which abolishes the present day of things” (Marx, German Ideology).Marx believed that communism would get rid of the capitalist society and theinequalities it contains.

Communism is the final stage of society according toKarl Marx.easily he can be replaced or let go. The workers begin todistance themselves from each other. These insecurities then begin to create acompetition between the workers because the proletariats all have the samecommon interest. The labor the worker is doing is paid as a wage, in which thebourgeoisie pays him in exchange for work and time. In a capitalist society,Karl Marx, calls this labor power, where the workers are really selling theirlabor power and the capitalist buys months, days, and years. This phenomenon incapitalism creates what commodification of the worker.

The worker or theproletariat becomes a commodity to the companies or factories that arecontrolled by the bourgeoisie. Karl Marx believed that capitalism wouldtransition into a communist society. Aziz 7      Capitalisticsociety creates insecurities for the proletariat. The proletariat now becomes acommodity to the factories. The labor or worker is now seen as not as a humanbeing, but as an object to the company. The worker is just now another asset tothe company and will be replaced if the commodity or the human is no longerbeneficial to the companies’ best interest. The worker becomes very expendableand this creates insecurity among the workers because of how        In thecapitalist society, Karl Marx claims that there becomes an alienation of theworkers.

Karl Marx believed that work was one of the greatest joys a person canhave in his or her life. It brings a sense of fulfillment. In order to befulfilled, Karl Marx says the workers must be able to see themselves in theirwork. This is extremely difficult in a modern society because everything is sospecialized to promote efficiency. This hinders the worker’s ability to feel asense of purpose for their work.

People begin to feel a disconnect from thework they’re doing and who they think they are. Alienation of a worker is whenthe worker no longer counts “labor itself as part of his life; it is rather asacrifice in his life” (Marx, Wage and Labor and Capital). The proletariat’slabor is now alienated from himself in a capitalist society. The work theproletariat is now doing is for someone else and not for himself. An example issomeone who works in a factory for making shoes. His job in the factory is tosew the logo on to the shoe and pass the shoe down the line. The worker isalienated because the work he is doing is not for himself, but for anotherperson other than himself.

Capitalism society makes proletariat to becomeinsecure.  chains (Marx, The Communist Manifesto). The proletarians areso low in society because of the bourgeoisie that they have nothing to lose.

The proletarian’s only goal should be to unshackle the figurative chains thatare holding them back.  Karl Marxbelieved that society would or is leading into a communist superstructure wherethere is no bourgeoisie and proletariat. Aziz 6The bourgeoisie dominance creates aconnected common interest in which the ruling class interest becomes theinterests of the proletariat. The bourgeoisie have a cultural hegemony over theproletariat. A cultural hegemony is when the powerful manipulate the culture ofthe society so that the beliefs of the ruling class become the nation’saccepted norms. In a capitalist society, the bourgeoisie create the norms andtraditions of the nation that the proletariat end up following because of thiscultural hegemony. “The proletarians have nothing to lose but their Karl Marx thought that entirecapitalistic system was rigged to keep the proletariat poor and keep thebourgeoisie rich. Karl Marx called this primitive accumulation.

Primitiveaccumulation is when the bourgeoisie would pay the proletariat low wages so thebourgeoisie could increase their profits. The bourgeoisie would then increasetheir profits, and accumulate their wealth over by taking advantage of theproletariat class. This was the problem Karl Marx had a problem with profits.They would be used to take advantage of the working class. Karl Marx says thata capitalistic society is becoming increasingly separate from each other, andthe two classes are “directly facing each other” (Marx, The communistmanifesto).

This is a conflict theory because the two classes’ relationshipwith one other is a conflict in itself. The bourgeoisie need the proletariat todo the work for their factories, and the proletariats need work for survivalneeds like food, shelter, and etc. This is important because it separates thebourgeoisie and the class of the proletariat as being separate and competingclasses. Capitalist societies are rooted in the conflict between theoppressing, and the oppressed, and evolutions are inevitable because of this.  would work in these factories for low wages, terrible hours,awful conditions, and even had child labor.

Aziz 5  Karl Marx did not like capitalism typesociety, because of the private ownership, big business, and profits. Privateproperty or the ability to own land, or property was one of the largestproblems in a capitalistic society Private property gives too much power tothese owners, which was often the bourgeoisie. During the industrialrevolution, the factory owners were mainly the middle class. Karl Marx calledthese powerful men who control capitalism in Marxism, the bourgeoisie. Thebourgeoisie are the rich, factory owners, in a capitalistic society, and theproletariats are the workers of these factories, and labor works in general.

The bourgeoisie is the ruling class and rule over the proletariat incapitalism. Karl Marx was in favor of the proletariat because he felt they werebeing oppressed in a capitalist society. The proletariat An example would be hunters andgathers domesticating animals after killing all the animals in their region.

After hunting all these animals, the base or the material needs have changed.The hunters can no longer migrate, to find food because all the food is gone.This caused a change in the superstructure from hunters and gathers society toa different one.

The hunters and gathers would no longer migrate to find food,but domestic certain animals to eat. Showing how only a material force in the base, can change the base.Marxism supports a type of historical determinism. Historical materialism is away in which socioeconomic or society will naturally evolve.

The process inwhich societies change from feudalism to capitalism is inevitable. Karl Marxwas not in favor for a capitalist society because of the bourgeoisie, and the proletariat.concept to understand, as the material forces at the base,can only be changed by another material need or force. Aziz 4  The superstructure cannot impose or influencethe base in vulgar Marxism. In Marxism, only the material base can affect thesuperstructure, never the other way around. Karl Marx says “it is not theconsciousness of men that determines their being” (Marx, Preface to theCritique of Political Economy).

People or great minds do not change thesuperstructure or change the base in vulgar Marxism, but only material needs.At a certain time in society’s development, the material forces come intoconflict with the present-day material productions. This conflict withmaterials forces of the present and new materials forces is the cause of thechange in bases, and superstructures. The changing of the superstructure, likefeudalism to capitalism can only happen with changes in the base or in otherwords the material needs. “A material force must be overthrown by a materialforce” (Marx, Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right).

A very simple The superstructure is the values,norms, and culture of a society during a duration of time in history. Thesuperstructure is everything in society from tradition, media, laws, politics,family, culture and etc. The superstructure of a society is directly createdfrom the material needs of that era in time, or just simply the base. Thesuperstructure is the product of the base or material needs in a period oftime. The people living in the superstructure are interpellated into the valuesand norms. Interpellation is where the subject or the person is indoctrinatedinto the ways of the superstructure or the society.

A simple way of thinking ofthis is a person who goes into a new culture becomes indoctrinated or forcedupon their norms, and society. This does not have to be a person going into anew culture or society, but even when one is born, and grows up in asociety.  The superstructure cannotchange its own values and norms unless there is a change in the base. Aziz 3 The base or the material needsconstructs the world we live in. Human’s lives and actions are determined bythe base and are completely out of human control.

Human thought, norms,society, culture, tradition are all created from the material base. The base’slaws will shape society, for the entirety of history according to Marxism. KarlMarx says that “the totality of these relations of production constitutes theeconomic structure of society, the real foundation, on which arises a legal andpolitical superstructure and to which correspond definite forms of socialconsciousness” (Marx, A contribution to the Critique of PoliticalEconomy).  This is important because thebase or the matter needs creates the economic structure of a society. Theeconomic structure of society is the origin of the superstructure in thatsense. The superstructure is the product of the base.

             The base in Marxism constructs the values,norms, traditions, and society for the superstructure in a certain time period.There tends to be a misconception about Marxist’s base, in which people havecalled it economic determinism. Karl Marx never uses the terminology ofeconomic determinism in any of his work. Economic determinism refers to the idea of the mode of production insociety.

The base in Marxism is all the materials or matter like coal, wood,and steel, and the means of production. The means of production would be themachines, tools, and land used.  KarlMarx says the base is “the mode of production of material life thatconditions the social, political, and intellectual life processes in general”(Marx, Preface, to the Critique of Political Economy). the beginning of time. Marxism ideology is surrounded bythis idea of a material base, and a social superstructure, and the relationshipbetween the two.   Aziz 2 Marxism is an ideology that isfundamentally a materialistic type ideology. Karl Marx’s vulgar Marxism is avery deterministic type ideology.

In Marxism, human actions are determined bymaterialistic factors that are outside human control. Karl Marx asks if “menare free to choose this or that form of society? Not at all” Marx, P.VAnnenkov Letter). Marxism ideology is a very political and economic type ofideology. Marxism is very political because it analyzes the corruptions insocieties.

Marxism is an inevitable process and occurs in every society since Philosopher’s since the beginningof time have been developing ideologies that question the reality of the worldtoday. Karl Marx in the 1800’s unveiled an ideology in which he thought theworld revolves around. Karl Marx discovered his ideology about the world duringthe industrial revolution, which is important to understanding Karl Marx’stheories. Karl Marx’s ideology became known as Marxism and is now one of thebest-known ideologies in the world.  Thispaper will be primarily being focused on vulgar Marxism or in other words,traditional Marxism, and how racism, exist in the world today through the lensof a Marxist ideology. Colin Kaepernick is a perfect example of how Marxisminfluences racism in the world today. Colin Kaepernick becomes a victim of racismin a capitalistic society when looking through a Marxist viewpoint.


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