Colby the press, universities and labor unions,

Colby ParsonsMrs.BrownJMS Global11th of JanuaryThe Dirty WarThe Dirty war was a Argentina war that started on March 24th, 1976 and ended on October 30th, 1983. This was a war was a civil war where the government fought the people.

During this war, it was estimated that 10,000 to 30,000 people died. The dirty war was meant to restore order, but ended up becoming a huge war. As a result of the political instability Argentia has been having for a long time, their economy was very bad, and after a while, the economy crumbled. By 1975 inflation had risen to more than 300%, and on 1983 it went past 900%. The dismal economy gave way to protests, strikes, and terrorist violence which left hundreds dead. This was the time where dictator Videla was in control. This war started on March 24, 1976 when a military junta overthrew the Argentine government and took control of the country. the junta brutally repressed its population by assuming military control of the press, universities and labor unions, reintroducing the death penalty, and sanctioning the kidnap and torture of thousands of citizens seen as potential ideological opponents.

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The military junta kidnapped approximately 30,000 intellectuals, political activists, and students who opposed them ruling and brutally murdered them in secret detention centers throughout Argentina. Many were thrown from planes into the Río de Plata on death flights. During these death flights, the junta would cut open the peoples stomachs and throw them off the plane deep into the ocean.

They did this so they wouldn’t be able to swim, or sharks would eat them. They also did this so the government couldn’t be blamed for the death because the people thought that they just went missing. Sadly, this isn’t the worst thing that the government would do to the people. They allowed pregnant woman to give birth in detention centers. Then they would kill the mother right after the kid was born then steal the kid. Then these kids were put up for adoption and mainly given to government supporters and military families. The people that adopted the children were not aware that the mother was killed and that the kid was stolen.On October 30, 1983, Argentina had a democratic Election.

This was the first democratic election that has been held in seven years. The election marked the end of Argentina’s worst ever military dictatorship.The president that Argentina recently elected, Raúl Alfonsín, was supposed to fix inflation, which was at 400 times the regular dollar, which was supposed to help Argentina’s foreign debt of 43 million dollars. This was supposed to restore Argentina’s democracy, and make the country right for the people who had sadly suffered under the military dictatorship.In 1983, Alfonsín created the National Commission on the Disappearance of Persons, or CONADEP, to document human rights abuses. CONDEP published a document called Nunca Mas, in English meaning never again, which documented about 9,000 disappearances and the victims of the military junta. In April 1985, the trials of the junta’s top military commanders began.

The Argentine Supreme Court sentenced former President Jorge Rafael Videla and the head of the Army Eduardo Massera to life in prison.In addition to the trial of the junta’s leading commanders, Alfonsin made the prosecution of military subordinates (PMS). They had a huge amount of trials, and the soldiers disagreed that they were simply obeying orders. Because of this, the military staged a series of uprisings against the Alfonsín government in reaction to the human rights trials. In April 1987, junior military officers Protected themselves and went into hiding during Argentina’s Holy Week. They surrendered after a large battle in Plaza de Mayo in response to Alfonsín’s calls to defend democracy.

Two more rebellions occurred in 1988.Because so many people were trying to rebel, Alfonsín enacted the Due Obedience and Full Stop laws to please the military and try to end the rebellion. The Full Stop Law set a deadline for people to file cases. After this occured, the courts would not be allowed to accept new cases. The Due Obedience Law, would excuse all people that were in or would join the military, except those in positions incharge, accepting the idea that they were simply following the orders that were given to them. All of these acts became known as the Pardon Laws.In 2003, Congress removed the Due Obedience and Full Stop laws, and in 2005 the Argentine Supreme Court continued to follow this decision, considering these laws unconstitutional, or not fair because it goes against its people’s rights. The Supreme Court also ruled that forced disappearances, abductions, torture cases, and stealing children from their mothers were crimes against the people and that they are not subjected to the statute of limitations.

In conclusion, Argentina used to have a very crooked government. The government was the whole reason why all of these terrible things happened to the people. If Argentina was never able to obtain a democracy, terrible things like this could still be going on today. Sources         


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