Coffee of coffee every day like clockwork,

Coffee is the 2nd most consumed commodity on the planet behind water and ironically it takes water to make coffee, so in essence coffee pretty much is consumed as much as water! Not only that, but coffee is also the 2nd most traded commodity behind oil, and we all know how vitally important oil is to the world… And to think coffee is number 2 is amazing!Does that mean that coffee, the black stuff that we drink is actually more valuable than precious metals like Silver, Gold and Platinum? You be the judge however none of those metals is traded more than coffee so you tell me! What I will tell you is that coffee being a universally accepted beverage and has been for years exclusively reserved for the elite as a business.When you consider that in America over 255 million people wake up every day and drink 2-4 cups of coffee every day like clockwork, and they do it habitually without regard to anything else! In Canada nearly 90% of the entire country drinks coffee daily so there is next to no one not drinking coffee in that country!What is it with coffee that people are so enamored with it they must have it multiples time in the day and they must have it every day! That to me friends is an addiction and funny enough it’s one that most people gladly share with their friends, family and loved ones. Everyone you know drinks coffee it seems and everyone you don’t drinks coffee.

The key ingredient in coffee that creates the addictive nature of the beverage is the caffeine! The c word. Caffeine is super addictive and that is evident when you consider the statistics I shared with you above. People simply must have their fix and they need it multiple times a day. In fact, coffee is so addictive that nearly all doctors recommend that their patients not drink it however the patients can’t stop. In many cases the doctor has a coffee pot in the waiting room and he/she too is an avid coffee drinker.

But more importantly than just the caffeine are the potentially negative effects from too much consumption of it. For instance, people with high blood pressure and cholesterol issues are told to stay away because of the high acidic content of coffee and the exacerbating effect it has on blood pressure and other similar ailments. Coffee also dehydrates the body of precious liquids so it is strongly recommended that you drink no less than (11) cups of water for every cup of coffee you drink!Even decaffeinated coffee has been found to not be all that’s been cracked up to be. You see the key question here is how do they remove the caffeine from the coffee? It has been a common practice to use an acid based product to remove the caffeine but my question to you is would you like some extra caffeine or acid with your coffee. Give me the caffeine and you keep the acid!And last but not least are the caffeine crash or jitters so commonly associated with drinking coffee. When you consider that most began drinking coffee to get that extra lift, its kind of sad that you go up temporarily only to come down even harder when its all over.

And for those of you that have the jitters it simply your body’s way of telling you that it is way too amped up and needs to relax for a minute!So with all of that going on in your favorite cup of Joe there is no secret as to why you must consume the beverage daily without regard to anything else! There is no way you couldn’t get addicted to a product with all of those things simultaneously going on inside your body once the product has been consumed!Not long ago, a good friend introduced me to a better tasting brand of coffee that has literally changed my life! I am now no longer concerned with my caffeine intake from coffee or any of the other potentially harmful side effects all associated with coffee. In fact, since drinking this new coffee, I have seen things like my energy level go higher without any crashes or jitters and coincidentally my wife who drinks the Gourmet Mocha has lost 7 pounds in her first 8 days of drinking this new coffee! For us this coffee has truly been amazing and we are simply sharing the word with our fellow joe drinkers! Change your coffee, change your life, make the switch now!


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