Coca product is not far, hence, convenient. The

Coca cola uses different ingredients in the manufacture of its product, and the product ingredients include sugar to make it tasty for those who like sugar (Hassan, Amos, & Abubakar, 2014). They have also designed the sugarless coca cola for those who need to reduce their sugar intake.

This means that, as a brand, coca cola meets the customer needs. The packaging is designed to convenient the customer by its adoption of the plastic containers that are easy to carry.The Coca Cola brand is fairly priced around the world. Its price is convenient to customers and most of whom feel it is affordable. The lower price charged for this brand has attracted many people and increased sales, and this makes the brand to be far ahead of the competitors.Coca cola uses various channels of distribution in attempt to ensure that it reaches a wider customer base (Ling, 2017).

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The product is distributed to wholesalers as well as retailers around the world. Coca-Cola has different shops that directly sell the product to the customers, which has made the customers to feel that they are in touch with the product. The place to get the product is not far, hence, convenient. The Coca-Cola depots are found in many cities, thereby, making the distribution to be quite easy and less costly.Coca-Cola currently has the best advertisement strategy than any other brand in the market.

The promotional methods and advertisement features used are very attractive and make the brand to be necessary of the customers (Ling, 2017). This has greatly improved sales.There is enough evidence that this brand is customer centric. The marketers of this brand clearly understand what customers want, and they use the customer data collected to capture customer’s insights. The product has been developed around customer needs. By producing the sugared brand and sugarless product, Coca-Cola clearly understands the needs of its customers (Hassan, Amos, & Abubakar, 2014). The brand has built a strong relationship with costumers that is designed to maximize the costumer experience through listening to complaints and suggestions.

All these show that the brand is customer-centric.


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