Introduction Celebrity endorsements and fashion expert recommendations have


Coach was established in New York in 1941 as a family business.

The company has grown steadily since then to become the household name we know today. Capitalizing on its high quality merchandise, Coach has won many customers from all over the world. The success of Coach has been a result of competent leadership as well as research. Currently, Coach’s clienteles include children, women, and men from all races, religions, and nationalities (Sherman). In line with its business objectives, Coach as employed high profile advertisement campaigns that have continued to expand its markets. Celebrity endorsements and fashion expert recommendations have also played a great role in Coach’s success. Coach has a variety of leather products ranging from wallets, purses, backpacks, and handbags. Lately, their handbags and purses have turned into big sales.

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Coach’s designer purses have gained unrivaled popularity among women. Though expensive, their eye-catching designs and gracious colors are a combination any woman cannot avoid. Possessing coach’s designer purse has many advantages. To start with, it is a means of saving money in the end.

A coach’s designer purse may be expensive to acquire, but it is of high quality and very durable hence you can use it for a long time. On the other hand, cheap purses are weak and cannot be of service for a long time. That means that you may have to buy several cheap purses in the life span of only one Coach’s designer purse.

Therefore, purchasing of a Coach’s designer purse saves you the trouble of having to budget every single time. Secondly, Coach’s designer purses never lose their value. Since the products are of high quality, they can serve a customer for a long time without losing their shape color, or special effects such as texture. This means that if a customer has used the purse for a considerably long time and finds it not interesting anymore or out of fashion, she may give it out to others who cannot afford it. In such a case, she would be adding value to the person’s life and would be satisfied as the purse, in the state she considered not good, still added a smile to someone’s face.

The purses are also confidence boosters. Human confidence comes from deep inside; it is more of how we perceive ourselves than how others think about us. It is at the point we learn to appreciate ourselves that we gain our confidence (Wan 42). Buying expensive things like Coach’s designer purses help in convincing us that we deserve only the best.

When this feeling moves to other areas like our relationships, financial needs, and career, we can achieve much. Furthermore, a woman’s purse or handbag is her best companion when she is lonely and on the road. The other advantage is the fact that they give the impression of high social standing. Humans, no matter how hard they try, will always end judging people they meet and interact with in their daily activities. The information people gather from your outward appearance will determine how they behave towards you (Maxwell 145). Even though appearance does not constitute reality, many tend to believe those in possession of designer’s products are rich.

With this impression, one is often given a fair and respectable treatment. Coach’s designer purses are unique and classy. Coach’s products come in different sizes, shapes and colors, which give its clients a variety to choose.

Purchasing a designer’s purse may be expensive in monetary value, but the satisfaction that it brings to its buyers and its quality level makes it actually worth the money. In fact, satisfaction derived from owning these products is the main motivation for many buyers. Lastly, Coach’s designer purses can be customized to fit customers’ preferences at an extra cost.

People have different tastes and preferences. In fact, “man’s” ability to make choices is one characteristic that sets him apart from other animals. Unlike the readymade purses that customers have no choice on their design, customization allows a client to add personalized information such as name, favorite team, or memorable events on their products.

This service is, however, very popular only among the celebrities and high-income earners. There are several disadvantages of Coach’s designer purses. The first disadvantage arises from its strength; durability. The traditional designer purses are so strong that they can last for centuries. This may lead to an attachment with the product that makes the consumer feel badly giving it away or throwing it. The second disadvantage is the difficulty of finding one that completely matches your personality. Every individual has a fashion personality who guides his or her style. A person can be casual, trendy, romantic, or classic (Wan 32).

Since our personality is who we truly are, people tend not to let accessories such as purses, watches and rings clash with their personality. Instead, they search for the accessories they consider friendly, which is a hard job. This is because designer products are unique and rare. Coach’s designer purses are also very expensive. Highly experienced and expensive designers make the unique purses, which make their prices go up. According to Forbes international, an average brand new Coach’s designer purse goes for $ 500 (Sherman).

This is not little money as one can do a lot with it. Even though there are places like EBay where one can get relatively cheap purses, majority still prefer Coach’s branches. Additionally, Coach’s designer purses may limit their owners when it comes to using. This is mostly because of their uniqueness, which makes it hard to find outfits that match them. Since one may only have a few outfits that match them, using them frequently becomes impossible. Another factor that could limit the use of Coach’s designer purse is the type of activity or occasion that one is attending. Regardless of how much you love your designer’s purses, you cannot wear them on wrong occasions. Coach’s designer purses may make you a target for robbers and other criminals.

The society considers many people who own designer purses rich. Many criminals who want to reap where they did not saw therefore target such people in the hope of making quick money. This has led to attacks resulting in injury and even deaths in some instances.

Lastly, the dynamism of the fashion industry makes the price of Coach’s designer purses unrealistic. The fashion industry is moving so fast (Wan 35). Today as you resign to your bed for a good night sleep, you may be in the first fashion lane, but when you wake up, you will be playing catch up! The new design that comes to the market renders the one you just bought outdated. Since women are so conscious of fashion trends, wearing a replaced product is an uphill task. To keep to the first lane, they choose to dump such items regardless of the cost incurred. This may result to frustration, especially if you fixed yourself to purchase the purse. In conclusion, we must accept that even perfect products have disadvantages. In making a choice, one has to choose the better option, since there is no perfect product.

The disadvantages associated with the consumption of Coach’s designer purses notwithstanding, I believe that Coast’s designer purse is the best present a woman can give herself in her lifetime.

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