Research in business organizations. Write a brief

Research at least two articles on the topic of the strategic importance of cloud computing in business organizations. Write a brief synthesis and summary of the two articles. How are the topics of the two articles related? What information was relevant and why? Provide the references in your responses.When it is read and understood from two articles which I choose and from observing many other articles.Article 1:Article 1 illustrates what cloud computing is, the impact of cloud computing, a typical example on the how it became origin and evolution of new businesses, the different types of online services it provides and the way it helps enterprises or enterprise run in an efficient and feasible way with no/less maintenance.Article 2:Article 2 covers impact of cloud computing on business development, features of cloud technology, its service models, deployment models, reason behind the evolution, limitations and advantages.

Traditionally seen before origin of cloud computing, there are some major setbacks i.e; Massive energy consumption, server utilization rate was low, complexity in increasing the existing server capacity, not much efficient backup plans. But with the invent of cloud computing, few of the major acheivements or improvizations that helps the business or individual businesses are for flexibility, Scalability, Cost saving benefits, Integration, Data security and Recovery.Cloud computing enables businesses to think and act beyond the “four walls” of the company through exchange of services. They can access marketplace best practice solutions and select effective IT services from multiple sources to meet their needs faster and at lower cost.

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Some issues with the online services are SaaS providers has data encryption, but it cannot overcome phishing and malware attacks, there must be thorough analysis and best practice around data to decide what data need to be stored and what cannot which can reduce breach of confidentiality. Paas Providers runs and manages through shared resources where there is high risk of hackers to obtain confidential information. Iaas provide virtualized computing resources via Internet hosted by the third party, and the main concern is all about our data centers.I conclude that cloud computing is very efficient, modest idea and effective technology for any scale of industries for the way it accesses marketplace best practice solutions and choosing effective services from multiple sources at a lower cost. But there is always a concern about the security risk and every organization needs a proper security to avoid unauthorized access to data, phishing and malware attacks. There is some danger in the cost management and there is no accuracy with respect to cost models for the cloud computing technology. These Security risks are avoided by proper analyzing which type of data can be stored in the cloud, taking appropriate security mechanisms, and avoiding transparency of followed measures and developing new and accurate cost model sheets to reduce cost risk.References:  


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