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Closely related to the fight against absenteeism, we can discuss monitoring and tracking the employee’s presence at work. Within a small company, this monitoring can be done directly by managers. The problem arises in the case of medium-sized companies (with over or around 100 employees). In fact, it is often the case that line managers or project managers are not responsible for monitoring attendance at work and / or detecting absenteeism.

In the event of a situation similar to that described above, management may use technical expertise as a support in attempting to monitor employee absenteeism. We are talking about timing systems, software programs to track and identify which employees are experiencing high absentees compared to company-set standards.Greater workplace flexibility reduces absenteeism among employees, improves staff health, and even increases employee involvement in the organization, according to a study by the Wake Forest University School of Medicine in the United States.

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This research proves that workplace flexibility is associated with a state of health or physical comfort over time. However, a significant number of US managers are skeptical when it comes to employees working from home, appreciating that those who have done so in the past have professionally invaded and become more difficult to drive. The results of the study also show that a part-time work program, different from traditional or home-based work, can be particularly useful especially in creating a culture of flexibility, especially when managers and supervisors are encouraged to manifest a certain support for the life of outside office workers.Whatever the solution chosen by management, it is clear that absenteeism should not be neglected or overlooked.

Any unresolved internal problem becomes more acute and can directly affect the performance of the company, whether we are talking about service companies or producing goods.


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