Clinical and Experimental Psychology is a peer reviewed journal describing clinical and experimental happenings in psychology. Published by OMICS, which is an open journal that states to have a strong editorial board dedicated to publishing strong manuscripts. Types of psychology covered in the articles are; social, counseling, and forensic psychology. The journal encourages affiliates to publish new findings rapidly in order to quickly circulate material to the general public and other members. The journal is intended to help identify atypical behaviors and discuss the process of treatments. The journal has a board of members that use the Editorial Manager System to look over the articles; two assessors must approve the articles/manuscripts before they can be published.
Occupational Health and Safety is published by Kevin O’Grady the president of the company. The magazine advisory board holds 7 members, whom most hold doctorate degrees. Articles cover countless diverse topics ranging from health and medical management to respiratory healthcare. The directed audience is for the average working person. Most articles discuss every day occurrences and health/safety encounters and what precautions to take or look for.
Center for Disease Control was established to protect Americans from health and safety threats. The organization is administered by the Federal Advisory Committee Act, who sets the ideals for the board. The goal being to heighten the health security of America. The Center for Disease Control not only focuses on prevention, but how to react when threats start to become an epidemic. Pushing out information to the public about health and safety concerns is one of the organizations number one priorities.


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