Climate shift could leave some marine species homeless

Environmental conservation has become more important than ever. This is mainly because of unpredictable weather and other natural calamities experienced throughout the world.

Greenhouse emissions continue to deplete Ozone layer, which in turn expose environmental hazards to plant and animal species. Consequently, animals and plants shift to colder regions in order to survive. Global warming has had several implications on the earths’ ecology. In fact, according to recent research completed by Scottish Marine Institute (SMI), change in climate could severely affect marine species. This is mainly because they have limited room for movement as opposed to land species. The article, which is available from Science Daily, was conducted with help of several researchers, among which include Dr. Mike Burrows and Dr. John Bruno.

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This paper will reflect on the article as well as explore its importance to environmental conservation (Scottish Marine Institute 1). The article describes a research which was conducted by among others, the above named researchers with the aid of United States’ National Science Foundation. Moreover, other funds came from United Kingdom’s NERC (Natural Environment Research Council), among others. This research tried to compare change in temperature for both sea and land as well as from one place to another between the years 1960 and 2009. This was then used to project how fast species from each region would shift to cooler regions. Surprisingly, it was found that there was little to separate movement of species in the two regions (land and sea).

Taking into consideration other facts such as the rate of heating in land in comparison to that of sea (land heats 3 times more than the sea), it was found that most land species would shift to higher grounds, which are usually cooler. On the other hand, aquatic species would move to lower regions or deeper levels, to escape the heat. In the process, they may be trapped, and be affected by warmth. This is said to have severe effect on their growth, reproduction, movement and survival, among others. Ultimately, they predict that climatic change and most specifically the increasing temperature are bound to cause shift of habitat for plants and animals. Moreover, it has the capability of making some marine species homeless (Scottish Marine Institute 1). This article is very important to conservationists as well as environmentalists.

This is mainly because it sounds alarm to issues that may arise in the future as a result of climatic change. Ecology is very instrumental in establishing and maintaining survival means for virtually all species of both sea and land. The balance in food chain for species of the land and sea depend on ecological stability. Therefore, when climatic changes force a shift in habitat, then this balance is disturbed. The result of which is slowed growth, reproduction, movement and survival, among others. In essence, what transpires is a calamity and difficulty in survival for most species of the earth. Of great concern is its effect on some species of the sea such as fish and slow-moving corals, among others.

This article brings forth potential concerns, which gives the relevant institution an ample time to try and save the situation. This is very important as it helps put pressure on countries to reduce on carbon release, in order to conserve the environment and hence species at risk. The article is also essential as it brings to light the plight of these species, which can be used to better conserve our environment. It is also quite important to note that this article was well researched and backed by credible research institutes with good agenda for our species (Scottish Marine Institute 1).

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