Kerala has tropical Climate and

Climate- Kerala has tropical Climate and remains pleasant for most of the year. A few fast facts about the climate are that Kerala does not have a dry spell as is in rest of India. It is summer time from April to June.

The maximum temperature remains around 33 degrees centigrade. The South West Monsoon touches the state in June and remains till September however not much difference in temperature can be felt, though humidity increases and rainfall can last for a couple of days at a stretch.Winter is from October to January and temperature drops a bit. Kerala Fast Facts about the Temperature: The maximum temperature in Kerala rarely rises above 32 degrees while minimum temperature at sea level does not go below 20 degree centigrade. The weather is never too chilly in Kerala.

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he average level of annual rainfall is quite high when compared to other Indian states, almost three times higher than in Karnataka while twice than in Tamilnadu.The state basically enjoys 4 types of climate such as Winter ,Summer ,South West Monsoon and North East Monsoon . physical features Kerala is wedged between the Lakshadweep sea and the Western Ghats. Lying between north latitudes 8°18′ and 12°48′ and east longitudes 74°52′ and 77°22′,[54][55] Kerala experiences the humid equatorial tropic climate. The state has a coast of length 590 km (367 mi)[56] and the width of the state varies between 35 and 120 km (22–75 miles).Geographically, Kerala can be divided into three climatically distinct regions: the eastern highlands (rugged and cool mountainous terrain), the central midlands (rolling hills), and the western lowlands (coastal plains).

Located at the extreme southern tip of the Indian subcontinent, Kerala lies near the centre of the Indiantectonic plate; hence, most of the state is subject to comparatively little seismic and volcanic activity. [57] Pre-Cambrian and Pleistocenegeological formations compose the bulk of Kerala’s terrain.


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