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Climate change and global warming is a huge problem in the world today.  Although there are many problems with it, rainforests turning into savana’s have been a huge topic of discussion around the world.  There are definitely things that we can do to turn this cycle around though. If rainforests turned into savana’s in the future, then the world would be changed forever.  Since the Amazon rainforest is the biggest in the world it is only fair to talk about it changing.  According to Earth Interactions, “A coupled climate–carbon cycle model study projected a major dieback in the Amazon Rainforest toward the end of this century under global warming, with much of the Amazon forest being replaced by savana and C4 grasses” (2).  The reason this is such a big reason for concern is because the Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world, it has the largest carbon reserve, and it is a region of great biodiversity.

 The chance of the huge reduction of this rainforest is driven by one main process.  This one main process is a huge decrease in rainfall during the dry season.  A decrease in 11% of rainfall has been recorded during the dry season in the southern part of the Amazon Rainforest.  The dry season takes place from May through September.  This decrease in rainfall causes a problem as well.  Less rain means less soil moisture.

 And with not as much soil moisture, the trees have a greater chance of dying and which case the forest has a greater chance of dieback and becoming a savanna. Scientists have come up with solutions to the problem of climate change but it could also be destructive to the rainforest.  Their plan is to have heating shields to try and reflect the sun so temperatures do not continue to rise.  To try to do this they plan on adding salt to the clouds because it would reflect the sun more.

 There is only one problem to this.  Oliver Boucher from Met Office, reported in Professional Engineering News, “The most serious (problem) is a sharp decrease in rainfall over South America” (1).  I believe this is not a good idea because we need the rainforest.  The rainforest is a huge source of oxygen in this world and without it we would not be able to live.  Although this plan that the geo-engineers have came up with is a great idea, the rainforests are definitely more important than global warming at this point.

  There could be another way to save the rainforests from turning into savana.  Deforestation could speed up that process dramatically.  That is something we need to stop.  According to Rue Mai in Rain Follows Logging in the Amazon?, “By 2001, 15% of the Brazilian Amazon had been deforested” (1).  The reason for all of this deforestation is because of the continued increase logging.  This number will continue to increase at a steady rate and may even grow more rapidly because of the constant need for wood in our modern world.  A big use for tree wood now is for houses.

 Cabinets, countertops, boards and most of the structure is made from trees.  Not so much anymore, but boats used to be a huge way to use wood.  All boats used to be made from wood before they started making them with metal.   With all of this in mind it may not be a big problem in the here and now, but for our generations to come we need to preserve the forests.  Preserving these forests will help with climate change and it will be beneficial in the future.  So what are you going to do to save the world?


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