{{cleanup|date=2016-08-25}}You the Linux partition.#Close Computer Management.#Find the Windows

{{cleanup|date=2016-08-25}}You installed Linux on a shared drive with windows in it and want to delete it now?Category:Articles in Quality ReviewCategory:LinuxCategory:Install & Uninstall Software== Steps ==#Start Windows.#Right-click My Computer, then select Manage#Click Disk Management once Computer Management has opened. You should be able to see the partitions that are actually on your hard drive. The next action will delete Linux from your hard drive.#Find the right partition, right-click it and then delete it. ”Make sure you delete the right partition with Linux in it”. This will become “free space” on your hard drive.

#Right-click it again and then format.#Right-click the main Windows partition and extend volume. The extension should be the free space that you created form deleting the Linux partition.#Click OK. The Windows partition will now increase its size with the added free space from the Linux partition.

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#Close Computer Management.#Find the Windows recovery CD that came with your computer when you bought it.#*If you don’t have it, create one in the recovery section of your computer in control panel. You can use a virgin CD or USB. If you use a USB, make sure it has nothing on it as it will be formatted.#Insert the recovery USB or CD and restart your computer.

#Go to the Boot menu and choose the method you want to start with – USB or CD ROM. It should automatically start with the repair media, set your language preferences and continue, you will come to a window with a big ”INSTALL NOW” field in the center.#Click Repair My Computer in the lower left. ”Do not” click Install. A repair menu with different options should open.#Click Advanced, then click Start Up Repair.

Let the tool run the diagnosis and fix the MBR automatically as it did before you installed Linux. If you get a Grub rescue message, don’t panic; it means you have to restore your boot record manually. Follow these steps to do exactly that:##Restart again with the recovery media, just like before, and go all the way to Advanced options, but this time, open Command Prompt. Then follow the instructions on https://support.

microsoft.com/en-us/kb/927392 this page. You would use a tablet or other computer to access the website.# Read the instructions on the support page carefully and type the commands in the order the page has them. You will go to the bottom part where it shows the /RebuildBcr section, this is what you need to do to bring your corrupted boot back to life in windows.== Tips ==* Support instructions page: https://support.

microsoft.com/en-us/kb/927392*If you see a efi protected next to a partition that you are SURE is for the linux partition and want to delete it, search delete efi protected partition on google.== Warnings ==* This is the standard procedure for restoring your boot in windows after uninstalling or deleting Linux partition, note that it may not work at the first try in some instances depending on how the dual boot was installed, in this case you will have to follow the entire rebuild procedure explained on the page, if this does not work at all, then you caused a major damage to your drive during the Linux process and may have to format and do a full reinstall of Windows.

Just as you did when installing Linux, try it at your own risk!

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