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{{cleanup|date=2016-08-19}}The English language is fairly easy in the O level exams. Just read through it and you will be able to grasp the concept quite easily. There are 5 basic types of essays one needs to know about.Category:Articles in Quality ReviewCategory:Essays== Steps ===== Story Writing ===# When writing a story, always keep in mind to choose the topic you are most comfortable with no matter how difficult or easy it seems. Do not rush to write it but think about the topic in your mind for about 10 minutes. #It is best if you do not write the first thing that comes to your mind. Remember that the examiners will be checking thousands of scripts so a common topic will easily be more in number and boredom will come over the examiners. #Try to think of presenting your topic in a way others won’t think of.

That would impress the examiners. But if you cannot then write the first thing that comes to your mind. #Make paragraphs when you change from a topic to another. It is not necessary to have a selected amount of paragraphs (e.g. 3 or 7) but paragraphing makes an essay easier to read.# Use a mixture of simple, compound and complex sentences. Do not focus too much on one type but use a balance of all three.

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# Check your grammar and spelling every time you are done with a paragraph. This won’t kill time but help you achieve higher marks.=== Argumentative Writing ===# In an argumentative essay it is important to remember that you must present both sides of the argument with your best. In the starting paragraph introduce the topic and say which side you are on.

 #Then the second paragraph must be entirely about side you are on. #The third paragraph should be what you are against. Both the sides must be presented equally strongly supporting both sides.# Then the conclusion must state which side you prefer in brief.=== Descriptive Essay ===# In a descriptive essay you are expected to describe something that is mentioned in a topic. It can be anything from a person to a place to even an incident in time or a happening. #In a descriptive essay try to put in and explain every detail as clearly as possible. Use good vocabulary and grammar and a variation of sentences.

Do not repeat points but explain only a few points, with 4 at most. #The points you choose to explain should have everything related to them written down. Do not put in any unnecessary information. A descriptive essay is meant to be boring so no need for anything interesting to happen. #Just describe and present. That is all required in a descriptive writing.=== Factual Writing ===# Factual writings are one of the hardest topics to write upon.

You need to have a clear knowledge of the topic and everything you mention must be true because that is what the marks depends upon most.# In a factual essay focus on the points you are certain of and avoid the points that you have some confusion about. # Follow general essay rules. Do not add your opinions.=== Narrative Writing ===# A narrative writing is a writing written in first person. It is as if you are speaking to the reader. Keep communications with the reader to a limit (e.

g. rhetorical questions). It can be fictional, factual or even argumentative. #It is the easiest topic to write about. Write sentences like this: “I had travelled far and wide in search of my long lost family, but alas with no results. What did I ever do to deserve this?”== Tips ==* 1.     Have a structured format: beginning, body , climax , conclusion* 2.     A conclusion should have a link with the beginning but don’t repeat previously mentioned points* 3.

   Every essay must have a climax ( ”’except factual, argumentative, and narrative essays”’ : They can have but it’s not obligatory)* 4.     Change paragraphs regardless of the size when you change from 1 point to another.* 5.    Use good vocabulary but do not fill the essay with complex vocabulary, simple sentences also play a good role.* 6.

      Think of a way to present your essay as a mean to impress the examiner.* 7      Avoid long boring sentences. (E.

g. after reaching home I went to the bathroom then washed my face then changed and then went down the stairs and out of the door to the park.)  Avoid unnecessary wordings. It could be written like this: After reaching home I freshened up, changed and headed out to the park.* 8.

      Use of good grammar will grant easy marks.== Sources and Citations ==* https://www.facebook.com/naine301/


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