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Clay Hutson is a production manager and live sound engineer. Services include show producer, rigging, stage management, monitor engineer, production design, production and logistics management. Clients are offered turn key solutions that are friendly to the budget and meet all event needs. DiGiCo introduced the first SD11 console to the world with Aaron Lewis who is both frontman and founder of Staind.

  Lewis was out in support of his solo album’s debut which was released in March of 2011. Clay Hutson has used DiGiCo for years and went along to do several tasks. He was interested in getting his hands on the new system so he was more than willing to be the day to day manager for the tour and the productions while taking on the role FOH Monitor engineer.  Clay Hutson has tried almost every console that DiGiCo offers including the SD7 and the SD8.

He did not want to be dependant on anyone else so he was adamant about carrying a console of his own, but options were few because of budget constraints. Hutson had to have a system that was compact because of the various modes of travel during the tour.  Clay Hutson has been involved with music for a long time and turned a passion from childhood into a career. He has worked with Kelly Clarkson, Garbage, Guns N’ Roses, Pink and more during his career creating a name for himself in the industry.

Hutson handled a tour fo Grammy award winner Maxwell and Jill Scott. He handled the tour with Jim Roach using the SD7 because it was the only console capable of performing the way that was needed for the tour. The console did everything that Hutson needed it to do from the large amounts of output and input for both shows to the effects that had to be created.  Hutson says he used the SD7 because it’s difficult to get both consistency and control when you work with various companies that have different sound systems.

He has had a long history using DiGiCo and knew he had to have the SD11 to keep offering the quality he is known for.


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