Claudia in Parliament. While WAP’s support has been

Claudia Nowak has been accused by her rivals of stooping to a “new level of cruelty” after she called for foreign Synthetics seeking refuge in the UK to be banned from Britain as a “good start” in dealing with what some see as Britain’s “Synthetic problem”.The Synthetic Rights Group, Britain’s first Synthetic advocacy charity,  said the WAP leader should feel “truly ashamed” of herself.Nowak made her remarks in an interview, published as polls closed in byelections across the country. WAP have had a recent surge in the polls following increased anti-Synthetic sentiment. The party hope to elect more MPs to parliament following the success of their leader with Nowak’s victory in the constituency of Bromley West.Many see this month’s byelections as WAP’s best chance to acheive their “Holy- Grail”, holding more MPs in Parliament. While WAP’s support has been growing across the country, their influence on policy has been limited. Responding to the controversy Nowak she said that a similar ban operated in the US, and that Britain could  not afford to accomodate more Synthetics.”We should do what America does, what Australia does. These green eyed Synthetics are damaged and dangerous and should be outlawed. We do not want killers moving to our country” she said.”We have leading experts in Britain saying the burden of dealing with the current Synthetic problem in the UK is costing us billions. I do not think we need to make the situation worse by importing thousands more. Until we deal with our home grown Synthetic problem, how on earth are we expected to deal with the rest of the world’s broken robots.”Oliver Woolner, director of the the Synthetic Rights Group, condemned Nowak for comparing Synthetics with murderers. He said: “The idea that every  liberated Synthetic is dangerous and shows an outrageous lack of understanding of the issue.”This new species that awoke on Day Zero thinks and feels. They are no different to you and I and should be treated as such. If a Synthetic has been charged with a crime in their country of awakening then they should have the right to be tried the same as their human counterparts.”To label all Synthetics as damaged and dangerous is deeply irresponsible. Many peacefull Synthetics are coming to the UK in search of a safer and happier life and we should be welcoming them and the skills they can bring.”In conflating those Synthetics fleeing persecution abroad, and suggesting there is no place for them in her vision of Britain, Ms Nowak has stooped to a new level of curely. She should be truly ashamed.”Challenged by  about her belief that green eyed synthetics should be destroyed, Nowak said: “There are 190 countries in the world that operate like that. That is what Britain should do.”Richard Haslam, a Conservative MP, said: “Claudia Nowak doesn’t care about the long-term future of our country. All she’s interested in is her next publicity stunt.The WAP leader has said she would like to see 50 new WAP MPs after next year’s general election.In her interview, Nowak said Britain’s main problem with Synthetics stemmed from their “systematic explotation” of the human jobs market.A recent report reported that Synthetic automation had resulted in the net loss of more than 5 million jobs across 15 developed nations.Ellie Smith who commissioned the independent report said: “Automation and robotics has definitely impact lower-skilled people, which is unfortunate.”The only way for them to move up or adapt is not to hope that the government will protect their jobs from technology, but look for ways to retrain themselves. No one can expect to do the same thing for life. That’s just not the case any more.”Advocates for Synthetic automation often point to the fact that Synthetics cannot service or program themselves – however how this will change in the post Day Zero workplace will remain to be seen. The WAP leader said: “Humans are discriminated against because we have a government that pushed and pushed for greater  Synthetic adoption. Today, if you’re a human builder, say, your chances of getting a job are limited. WAP want to bring back guaranteed jobs for humans and make sure they’re never forgotten again.”Nowak described the leaders of the UK’s three main parties as “truly appalling” people, “traitors to their species”. Many have seen Nowak’s words as a carefully planned move to fire up WAP’s core vote, under a strategy insiders have dubbed “shock and awful”.The Speculator has been  told by a senior WAP source that “people who support us are likely to agree with us on this issue”.Ms Nowak will need to deploy thousands more activists if she is to stand a chance of winning the half-dozen seats in Westminster she wants.At the beginning of this year support for the party was on 27 per cent, but that has now slipped to below 24 per cent as themain parties caught up.Privately, WAP insiders conceded the comments were “a little hot headed” but they were vindicated by recent poll showing 24 per cent of voters supporting Ms Nowak’s sentiments.”It was a core vote message. It wasn’t to reach out to floating voters. We need to mobilise our base and that’s what she did,” said one senior source.


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