Class food business (fine dine and fast

Class LogClass log January 8:Today in class Professor Dixonintroduce an operation process idea. The way operation process works is when abusiness has an input that we can do transformation on it to adds values on it,for an example in the Southwest airlines video, an equipment in good conditioncould add value to daily routine and boost the company profits.

This valuetransformation is very interesting where I could look at businesses and itsprocess in different way.Class log January 10:Today we discuss on what is operationmanagement, and Professor Dixon introduce the 6 P`s for operational systemdesign configuration that consist of: ·        Plant.·        Parts.·        People.·        Partners.

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·        Process.·        Policies.And we did discuss what are they inbusiness. We also do values comparison to two different class of food business(fine dine and fast food chain). At the end of class, we discuss about howvariety, flexibility and cost could affect the volume of the production. Thegraph is very useful to look at and to know which business in which category.Project 1Project 1, Level DEffective supply chains:The effectiveness of the supply chainis more externally focused on results. It is measure by how well anorganization meeting the demands of the various groups and organizations thatare concerned with its activities.

These groups might include customers,partners, suppliers and vendors.Efficientsupply chains:Supply chain efficiency is related towhether a company’s processes are harnessing resources in the best way possible,whether those resources are financial, human, technological or physical. ReferencesHandshake Blog.(2018).

 Supply Chain Efficiency vs. Effectiveness. onlineAvailable at:https://www.handshake.

com/blog/supply-chain-efficiency-vs-effectiveness/ Accessed10 Jan. 2018.  Whatis Operations Management and why is it important to a business education?Well every business mustbe doing some kind of operation and I would say that the heart of the businessis the operation of the business. Therefore, having a good operation managementpractice in a business could make a business successful. When comes to howimportant it is to business education, I would say it is very important tostudy how to do operation in businesses in a proper way, so that we know how tohandle our businesses operation using its principles and stuff.Project 1, Level C5 professionalsocieties that deal with operations management APICS – The Association for Operations Management.

Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP). Production and Operations Management Society. Supply Chain Council. Institute for Supply Management (ISM).APICS – TheAssociation for Operations Management.

APICS Vision Statement.·        the world’s leading community for end-to-end supply chainexcellence. APICS Mission.·        Fostering the advancement of end-to-end supply chain managementthrough a body of knowledge, innovative research, systems, and methods tocreate value for customers, members, and organizations.This organization is a non-profitorganization that advances supply chains through research, benchmarking andpublications.

There are several education and training provided by theorganization, some of the training and education that listed in their websiteare Managing for Supply Chain Excellence Workshop, Principles of OperationsManagement, Supply Chain Risk Management (2018). APICSis the association for supply chain management | APICS. online Availableat: http://www.apics.

org/apics Accessed 13 Jan. 2018. TV show thatdepicts some aspect of operations management.

Kitchen NightmaresIn this reality show, Chef GordonRamsay is invited by struggling restaurant owners to repair their failingbusinesses. This show teaches us that it’s good to identify problem areas andembrace change. No student or company is perfect, and there is always room forimprovement.

It’s imperative to continue learning and continue working onrelationships. Sometimes it helps to get a fresh outlook from an outsider for anew perspective on how to do business. There are many kinds of strategies andplanning displayed in this reality show to make a certain improvement (2018). KitchenNightmares. online Available at:https://en. Accessed 13 Jan. 2018. 2 job postings for jobs inoperations management.Operations Manager – Amazon.comQualification·        Youhave a completed bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or 2+ yearsAmazon experience.·        Youare authorized to work in the US without sponsorship.·        Youtake ownership in your work and team and are available to work overtime duringAmazon’s peak holiday season and as needed year-round.

You are obsessed withcustomer experience and understand the importance of a 24/7 operations. You areflexible to work on any type of assigned shift (nights, weekends, etc.).·        Youpride yourself on leading other leaders; you have direct experience managingfront-line supervisors and have been responsible for supporting theirperformance and their associates.·        Youhave an eye for efficiency and bring experience identifying and implementinglarge-scale process improvement initiatives using data-driven techniques(performance metrics or Lean techniques).

You have 5 or more years of management experience in a manufacturing, production, or distribution environment. You also have experience motivating and leading a contingent workforce. You are leader and exhibit that in your everyday work. You not only have experience in managing 5 or more front-line supervisors, you also lead large-scale process improvements through Lean process, Kaizen, and Six Sigma. You have the ability to thrive in an ambiguous environment, and when given a deadline you know how to motivate yourself, your managers, and associates and meet it.

You don’t hesitate in public speaking or writing a paper. You have strong verbal and written communication skills. You enjoy working with numbers and using data to provide thought-provoking and workable solutions. Data is what you look to when given a problem to solve. You volunteer to lead projects and help your team achieve goals. You have a track record of taking ownership and driving results.

You like adventures and taking risks. You are willing to relocate to any of our sites in the country with the assistance provided. You see value in long term thinking and large scale impact to a company. You have interest in developing a long-term career through assignments in multiple operational buildings across the nation.Operations Manager – AvantGuardMonitoring CentersQualification Bachelor’s degree in business. 3-5 years experience managing supply chain, inventory, purchasing, or other related field.

Proficient in Microsoft Excel. Leadership and organizational skills. Ability to effectively communicate with all levels of the organization.

Technical writing experience preferred. Strong collaboration and communication skills. Exceptionally organized with task and time management. Experience in account managing is a plus.What makes these two-company job posting is that a same position isoffered, but two different types of organization setting.  We can see how multinational companyrequirement different from some average company. Amazon.

com are more precise ontheir description, and the qualification requirement are very demanding, differentwith the AvantGuard Monitoring Centers qualification requirements. Despite thehuge difference, both job description has same qualification characteristic. Wecan see that both job is requiring applicant experience in management skill, inventoryand has a very strong leadership

(2018). Amazon’s global career Available at:—salt-lake-city-area/job?iis=Indeed&iisn=Indeed%2B%2528Free%2BPosting%2529&utm_source=indeed.

com&utm_campaign=cv%2Borganic&utm_medium=job_aggregator&utm_content=job_posting&ss=paid&mobile=false&width=670&height=1200&bga=true&needsRedirect=false&jan1offset=-420&jun1offset=-360Accessed 14 Jan.

(2018). Operations Manager job – AvantGuardMonitoring Centers – Ogden, UT. online Available at: 14 Jan. 2018.

 Project 1, Level BTED or TED-X talk related to an operationsmanagement topic.What Happens Inside Those MassiveWarehouses?In this TED-X Boston video, MickMountz a founder of Kiva Systems, talk about a new solution for managing the inventoryinside a warehouse. The idea of this solution is using thousand of mobilerobots to do required task around a warehouse instead of using human worker. Mickhas worked for a company that was supposed to deliver groceries online calledWebvan.

But, this business proved to be ineffective, soon Webvan went out ofbusiness and Mick started to think about what the problem was and how it couldbe solved. He was looking for technologies that could be the ultimate amongsupply chain solutions. Mick started to imagine having a large distributioncenter in China, where labor is extremely cheap. He imagined zero costs forevery worker, which lead him to the possibility to hire ten thousand workers. Eachof them will go to the distribution warehouse at 8 in the morning and pick onesingle product, then hold it until it is ordered. There is no way of hiringpeople with zero costs, so robots and certain logistics and warehousing technologycan be used instead.

With these robots, things like walking, searching, wastingand waiting can be eliminated. It proved to be so revolutionary that 6 monthsafter this talk, Amazon bought the company for use in its fulfillment centersas we can see today.ReferencesMountz,M. (2018). What happens inside thosemassive warehouses?. online Ted.

com. Available at: 16 Jan. 2018. In this TED-X Manhattan video, PaulLightfoot is the Chief Executive Officer of BrightFarms, which designs,finances, builds and operates greenhouse farms at grocery retailers,eliminating time, distance and costs from their produce supply chain.

With theelimination of shipping, and the drastic reduction of fuel consumption, carbonemissions and water use, BrightFarms enables grocery retailers to change theirproduce supply chain in a way that improves the planet and their profits. Fornearly ten years, Paul was the CEO of an enterprise software company thatimproved the supply chains of major retailer and their suppliers. Previously,Paul was the founder and CEO of Foodline, a venture-backed software companythat provided customer and reservations information technology to restaurants.Paul was recognized by Chain Store Age magazine as a “Rising Star inRetail” in their annual 40 Under 40 awards.ReferencesYouTube.(2018).

 BrightFarms — a produce supplychain revolution: Paul Lightfoot at TEDxManhattan. online Available at: Accessed 16 Jan.



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